Luella Louise and Beet World dresses

If you follow my Instagram then you already know that Lu LIVES in a dress, a tutu, or a princess gown.  Most days, nothing else will do.  And who am I to fight it?  She looks adorable!  So I just make sure I am stocked up on all her favorite things and that all of her dresses stay cleaned and ready for her choosing.

We recently got the opportunity to try a dress company that we hadn’t heard of yet called Beet World and couldn’t have been more happy with them.  Their dresses were light, beautiful, and totally created for dress up AND play.  Which is the most important thing to us right now.  Lu definitely loves her dresses, but she ALSO loves her mud…  and I love a dress that washes up nice and holds its color and beauty.

Lu felt beautiful twirling around in her blush Hannah Dress and her wrap around dress was a personal favorite of mine (Im thinking it may also make a perfect Dorothy around Halloween so keep an eye out!).  It could be because I am always looking for the perfect wrap dress for myself and have yet to find it…  Color me jealous I suppose, haha.  It isn’t the first, and I’m sure it’s not the last time that I will envy her closet!

Beet world is full of beautiful and simple designs that are appropriate for anything you may have  going on that day while also making your little one feel like a princess.  They care about their clothing and what they bring to the table by using 100% cotton fabrics perfect for your little ones skin and by putting the effort into their supply chain by making it as ethical and sustainable as they possibly can.  Something that makes me VERY proud to have my daughter wearing them.

Check out Beet World and and see their beautiful dresses for yourself!  You will be thrilled with their quality and beauty, just like us!  And keep scrolling to see more pictures of Lu in hers!