Last years resolution and my Lorena Canal Rug

Over the past few months it feels it’s been one project right after another, back to back to back… to back.  We’ve made a bad habit out of starting new ones without ever finishing the current ones.  So the house is in a bit of disarray, which going into the New Year is killing me.  

There is something about a fresh start, in a clean house, with the promise of new resolutions that makes me so incredibly happy.  But not this year!  Not with the clean house part at least, haha.  Luckily we are spending the holiday out of town and not thinking about anything remotely close to cleaning.  The cleaning along with the projects can take place when we get home… maybe.  Maybe I’ll even make finishing all these projects one of this year’s resolutions… 

Amidst all the half way finished projects there is still one that I have been pretty good about staying on track with.  Thankfully, because now that our office is finished the kids are in love with all the special spaces created just for them: a custom desk just their height, a vintage school desk, a massive chalkboard wall, and a soft space to create and envision their own projects on the floor.  

We got the cutest WASHABLE rug from Lorena Canal rugs and it has been a game changer for me and an asset in making that soft space on the floor for the kids a reality.  I feel completely at ease giving it a home in the office with the crayons and the chalk, and the sticky fingers and spilled cups of juice, because even though it doesn’t look as though it could easily be picked up and walked right to the washing machine, it can.  And it HAS. 

We have had our notebook page rug (perfect for the office, right?) for exactly one month today and I have already washed it twice.  In fact, these pictures are taken post washing.  It looks just as fluffy and bright as when I took it out of the box. Actually, it looks way better then all the rugs I have ever purchased, with the added bonus of knowing that I won’t be on my hands and knees trying desperately to scrub out every mystery spot I find.  

My big resolution from last year was all about not allowing myself to pick beauty over functionality. Too many times I have I’ve fallen in love with something and bought it only to end up resenting it later.  Like the time I found the “comfiest couch ever” that by the way, was white.  Not beige, not off white, it was white.  It also had a loose knit fabric that my dogs/kids/pockets caught on a regular bases and tore apart.  After I had to spend hours of my life re-sewing the strands together I finally gave up and made myself that resolution.  Oh, and I have followed it.  My goal is to find products that are a mix between beauty AND low maintenance, because as a mother there are just far better things to be spending my time on. 

These rugs have found their way to the top of that product list.  Durable and beautiful, with the ability to be machine washed, dried, and put back out to support the kids during their creative expeditions.  It also keeps me un-phased when they smash that loose fruit snack right into the woven fabric.  Which would have left me with the normally daunting task of trying to scrub it out.  But now? I’ll let the washing machine do the work for me.  Oh, and that adorable pencil basket right there.  That is washable too.  So I hardly feel bad about giving it the messy job of holding all the black board chalk. 

Lorena Canal has made last years resolution turned lifestyle choice to try to make life easier, well, easier!  And for that, they will go down as one of my favorite brands.  Making the everyday things in life a little easier for us all. 

Now it’s on to this year’s resolution, which I hope ends up bringing me the same happiness as last years. This year I hope to build more structure and routine for out family.  Through meal planning, bedtimes, work hours, and everything in between. But, I feel like this one may end up giving me a harder time.  So wish me luck!