The perfect beach outfit.

I have a blast picking out my (and now the whole families) swim suits every year.  It’s the one thing we wear more than anything else throughout the summer.  Between beach days, afternoons on the boat, or running around through `the sprinklers with the neighbors in the backyard, we are in our suits from morning to night.  So it’s only natural to make sure that we all feel good and love what we are wearing during all of that time.

It took me awhile to get everything just right this year, and there was definitely some stuff returned along the way (that shade of green up there is NOT an easy one to match…).  But in the end every wrong purchase led me to the right one and I couldn’t be happier with what I put together for myself and for the fam.

Family suits?  Got em!  Matching beach bag?  Of course!  Matching TOWEL?!  Yup!  A whole lot of color?  How could I not?!  I got it all and you can check it out for yourself in the links below.


Kortni Jeane swimmers (TOP and BOTTOMS)

Target Beach Bag

Gigi Pip “faye” straw hat

Pink towel from Amazon

Diff Eyewear’s “Daisy”

Target’s Kerryl wedge footbed slide sandals from Universal Thread

My FAV perfume right now from Oldnavy! – I couldn’t link the actual perfume from their site, but this is the scent in their oil spray.  In stores you can find the actual perfume.


Keep an eye out for the all the links to the kids summer outfits next!