DIY olive branch crown

It mine as well be tradition at this point for my kids to wear crowns on their birthday.  Does two in a row make a tradition?  Jaxon wore a gold knitted crown on his big day and Lu wore a felt olive branch crown on hers, both DIYs.  And why shouldn’t they?  Making it one year is huge.  Quiet frankly, I think I deserve a crown for the achievement as well.  Unfortunately I’m not prepared for the side long glances I know I would get if I actually decided to adorn one for the day.  In my heart though, I know I deserve one, along with every other parent on their kids first birthdays.

That year is HARD.  Not just a little hard, but seriously HARD.  I never knew the human body could survive on so little sleep and so much stress while simultaneously perfecting the appearance of unbreakable patience and non stop joy.  It’s so unnatural and then yet completely natural at the same time.  We, as parents, rock.  And we deserve crowns.  Without the risk of being looked at like we’re crazy.

I once heard a story of this family who every year the children bought their mother flowers on their own birthday.  To say “thank you” and “I love you”.  For birthing them on that special day and keeping them alive for that past year.  Little things.

Those kids, they are my kind of people.

Unfortunately we can’t expect flowers from our infants and we definitely can’t all wear crowns as we run around making sure everyone is fed and loved on while taking pictures and creating memories that we hope will last forever.  We CAN however make them for the people who mean the most to us in the entire world, our babies.  Because they deserve them the most, for showing us exactly how far love can stretch us and prove to us that we really do get to indulge in that non stop joy for the rest of our lives.


This crown took maybe a half hour to complete and it only cost me 2 dollars to make.  Two sheets of 40 cent felt, a little bit of wire, and a glue gun.  I was able to cut the leaves while playing with the kids and glue them together in minutes while they went down for a nap.  There couldn’t be an easier or faster crown to make!

Check out the STEP BY STEP below –

Measure your wire around your babies head and simply twist it together to hold it in place and form a circle.  Make it a teeny bit bigger to accommodate for the leaves.

With the lighter green felt cut as many leaves as you can from the sheet (I used the entire sheet).  The darker green leaves should be cut much smaller and you don’t need nearly as many.  They are only there to give a little bit of dimension.  In the picture above you can see the size of my cut leaves against my fore finger.

Place a little bit of hot glue in the middle of each of the leaves and pinch them together then start to adhere them to the wire, layering them along each other and throwing a smaller, dark green leaf in every once in a while.

Keep going until you have made it all the away around the wire and completed the crown!

Place on your babes head and celebrate the day away!