Jaxon’s Dinosaur themed 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated our main man turning FOUR this past Sunday. The same day as the time change…. Which I didn’t think would be THAT big of an issue, but lets just say, I am still recovering. We woke up at 10am this morning kind of recovering… haha. Until now, the time change has never once bothered me and I never quite understood why people hated it, but now I get what all the fuss is about.

It doesn’t help that we stayed up until 1am (2am time change time) decorating the house to surprise Jaxon with a dinosaur wonderland. Totally worth it I may add. Justin and our good friend Eric hung piles of streamers all over the house to make it look like a jungle, covering every picture frame and wall. We built a giant T-rex head, an over sized coloring page for the wall, a balloon cascade, and sooooo much more.

The look on his face when he came down to see it all that morning almost (almost!) took the exhaustion right away from me!

What was really amazing was that my parents and in-laws were a huge help with food. With the exception of the desserts (I even ordered in the cupcakes and then decorated them myself…) and sandwiches they made everything else for the party. This pregnancy has been hitting me hard and I’ve barely had enough energy to clean the house. Which made me decide that I didn’t need to try to take on the world this time. And I’ll just say, it was WAY more relaxing.

Jaxon’s favorite things were the giant T-rex and the blown up dinos hanging out everywhere. Those two things mixed with the whole house looking like a jungle made him such a happy kid the whole day.

I still can’t believe he’s four years old and just like every other year, I swear I have no idea where the time went! People don’t like when they say that the days are long and the years are short.

Watching him throughout the party and seeing him enjoy his big day made me feel almost giddy. He brings a smile to my face every day and watching how loving and caring he was that day and every other makes my heart smile along with it. I couldn’t be more proud of how this perfect little four year old is turning out and how he makes everyone around him feel.

Check more photos of the big day below!