Our favorite books.

Reading has always been huge for us.  At the beginning we had to force it on Jax, now at times he is the one forcing “just one more!” book on us.  I will never forget trying SO hard to convince him how fun books could be in his old bedroom while I rocked and rocked him and he tried desperately to escape my clutches.

Once we found a lot of great ones (with a lot of interaction) he was sold.  Since then we have made it a household rule that if one of the kids bring you a book to read you have to stop everything you’re doing at that moment and read it.  It works well for two things.  The first being that the kids get to put books first.  The second is if we ever get sucked in to doing those wonderful daily chores life brings us like cleaning and so forth, our babes will always have a way to get our attention and let us know that they want some one on one time together.

Books have become huge to us.  We have a book for every holiday, event, and even personalized ones for each of the kids.  We have books that are for searching, books that are for learning and books that are just stories.  Ones that you flip open and ones that pop out.  Ones for the morning and ones for the evening.  We have tonssss of books, but ironically… no book shelves, yet  (Hmmmm, Justin, if your reading this… haha).

But right here, right NOW, I am listing our FAVORITE books at this moment.  Some on this list are veterans that have been on our non-existent book shelves for years and others are some newbies that have quickly climbed to the top ranks in our babies hearts.

Recently we got an amazing opportunity to work with Pamela from Usborne Books to try out a bunch of new books.  We already had a huge collection of Usborne books from parties with friends and finding their booths at shows, but mostly because I have always loved them and loved building a collection of them.  It’s been a small passion of mine finding my next favorite books to get from them and there’s a teeny chance that at times I may get more excited than the kids… This box of goodies was no different.  I was beyond excited to see our new books and the kids were quick to find their favorites as well.  We got books for vacation, books for camping, even books for christmas!  So, you’ll be seeing a lot of these books for a while.

You can’t go wrong with any Usborne books and they truly hold up to the test of wild kiddos like ours.  So while not every book on this list is one of theirs, don’t be surprised if most are!


The Illustrated Alphabet

We are reading this every day, multiple times a day right now.  The illustrations are beautiful AND animal based, an automatic win in this house.  We go over the letter on every page before talking about everything that starts with that letter and reading the story.

The Gruffalo

My FAVORITE kids book and I don’t think it will ever change.  I love this clever story of the mouse using his imagination and brilliance to avoid being eaten.  It is written so poetically and it is actually fun to read.  There’s also a chance I may be able to read this book without the actual book…

Feel Better

Jax is really into interactive books right now and hands down this is his favorite one.  There are five bandaids that come on and off the page so that they can be placed over the animals ouchie’s.  I have washed these bandaids, bent these bandaids and everything else.  They have really stood up to the test of multiple children and constant use.

There’s a mouse about the house

Did I say Jax was into interactive books?  Well, here is another one that he can’t put down.  Literally.  He wouldn’t even let me get a picture of it without having to play with the mouse.  He “reads” this to Lu on his own and will just sit there going through the motions of the book with the mouse by himself at times.  It has a perfect dotted line for the mouse to follow that leads right to each of the pages little tabs for the mouse to slide into.


This one is kinda for me.  You will never get a bigger laugh than when you listen to someone try to read this book for the first time.  It will seriously make you doubt that you can read!  I was lucky enough to be in the same room with Justin when he attempted to read it for the first time and I actually had to leave.  But!  Don’t worry, after the first time you really get the hang of it and there is no other book more fun to read.  The words are crazy and the illustrations are beautiful.  Big one for me, it rhythms!

The big book of happy

This is the book that started our love for reading.  This book was, for the longest time, the only book that would interest Jax.  It was simple and bright and over time we had actually built an interactive dance to go with each of the pages.  He loved it.  Every page had something special to do.  For the page below we would lift him up real high out of the seat while we were reading about the giraffes reaching and then sit him on our lap and start “running” in place so that he was bouncing around when we read about climbing.  At the time I felt a little crazy, but it worked, and I LOVE thinking about those memories.


Have you sensed a theme at all?  Animals?  Haha.  We kinda like animals over here.  This is just the tiniest fraction of the books we love and I can’t wait to share more of our favs over time!