Summer Camp Birthday Invites going out!

CampInvite4Invites are being mailed!

I couldn’t be more excited for Jaxon’s first birthday. Still, as I plan this party and look at Jax I can’t help but realize that we have almost spent every day, and event that a year has to offer together, and it blows my mind. Sometimes I feel like I have been dreaming my way through motherhood.

To be honest I am pretty sure at the beginning I was…

In the beginning it felt like Jax would never sleep. After a few months I lost hope all together. I tried everything there was to try and still he would look at me wide-eyed with a big smile and an “I’m not tired” face. It was everything I could do on those hard nights not to cry, or to die laughing from sleep exhaustion! So cute and persuasive at such a young age, I am in trouble! It wasn’t until around 8 months that he started sleeping at night and taking regular naps. So to say the least, my days and nights tended to blend together into one big long day at times. Which is what I am “blaming” this year going so fast on!

The past year has been filled with some of the most amazing and unique experiences that only having a child can open your eyes to. The whole time I was pregnant we told ourselves, our friends, and our family that we would not stop doing anything that we would normally do. That we wanted Jax to experience everything with us and that we wanted him to get used to being on the move. We stuck by that this past year but it was definitely not easy. While I don’t regret it, and it filled our year with even more memories than we could ever imagine, balancing everything is a true battle. But, our little man wasn’t only a trooper, he was the life of every event. “Handing out smiles” to everyone, as we like to say, and showing everyone a good time. I kinda think a guy like that deserves an amazing party to celebrate his first year here!

We are centering his party around the concept of “a day at summer camp”. Crafts, games, and even a cafeteria style lunch! We found an awesome lodge that is heated by fireplace and gives the feeling of a camp great room. We want to try to authenticate the feel of camp the best we can, even down to my husband and I having “came Jaxon” camp counselor shirts made! I’ll have pics up of every little detail right after the party! CampInvite1 CampInvite2 CampInvite3