Baby-led weaning: week 2 & 3

Life has definitely gotten away from us in the last few weeks and working on BLW with the second child is much more of a struggle then the first.  We seem to be on the go non stop and have only been home for a real dinner a couple of days a week.  Please let the craziness stop soon!  One downfall of this type of eating is that it is tricky at the beginning to do it on the go, but one huge pro is that since Lu is still dining on primarily breast milk, I don’t have to worry if we skip a day or two, or five.

I’ve combined the second and third week together because we continued with the same foods throughout both of them.  I haven’t seen much of a progression with eating but Luella has definitely began to show more interest and curiosity with touching and feeling everything.  It is a good start to eventually being interested in food for what it actually is, food.  She is a little more cautious about having things in her mouth then Jaxon ever was and moves a bit slower, but she still definitely loves getting her hands dirty.

Jaxon has REALLY loved eating with Lu.  He has taken to sitting in a high chair again right next to her and talking to her about all of the foods they are eating.  It has been so much fun to watch them together although we have had one incident where he tried to feed her a spoon full of mashed potatoes during week two which has really kept us on our toes.  It has shown us yet another dynamic of how different learning to eat is with the second child than the first and also why you NEVER take your eyes off them during this process.  Lu bounced back just fine after we got all the potatoes out and she may have even showed more of an interest in them after!

Click on the links to read about Jaxon’s second and third week with BLW

THE MENU: mashed potatoes, chicken fingerwatermelon, and broccoli.

Mashed Potatoes:  Oh the mashed potatoes, well, you guys heard the story.  Aside from having them force-fed to her she really enjoyed them.  She mostly loved squashing them in her fingers and smashing them around on her tray, but she liked that she could suck on her fingers and get a little taste without having a mouth full of something to chew.  Lu is definitely slower when it comes to wanting to eat so foods like this offer her new flavors without having to really put a lot in her mouth.
Chicken Finger: This was a long chicken “fry” so it was extremely easy for her to hold in her hands and once she got a grip she was not letting it go.  She loved to be able to move it easily to her mouth.  She never really bit off any pieces to nibble on, which was good because she hasn’t been a fan of gumming anything.  Sucking the flavor out was perfect for her.
Watermelon (stains): Undoubtedly a huge favorite.  The texture, mixed with the cold temperature, mixed with the big easy to handle size was a hit.  She loves sucking out all of the juices and even if she gets a little nibble off, it just melted in her mouth.
Broccoli: Just like with Jaxon, the broccoli was the first thing to be picked up, which continues to blow my mind.  It kind of feels like it was made for BLW.  The stem is easy to handle and the “tree top” holds all the tasty juices to suck out.  When and if it breaks apart from being gummed, the only things that come off are the tiny little “tree top” parts?  I’m not sure what they’re called, but you guys know what I am talking about it.   Although it didn’t last long and was quickly thrown on to the ground for the dogs, I am pretty sure she enjoyed the little time she did have with it.

OTHER FOODS: Really the only extra things we have tried these past two weeks have been bread. Bread sticks, garlic bread, toast, etc.  They have been a great option for her to keep her hands busy and to have something to nimble on while we eat.  Big pieces are easy for her to grip and the bread we used didn’t break apart easily so she was able to chew on it for a while.  Bonus, the tougher the bread the more of a teether it could be and soothing feeling it could have on the gums.

OVERVIEW: In the past two weeks Lu hasn’t shown a huge interest in actually putting the food into her belly, but she is having a blast trying out the new flavors and feeling the different textures of everything.  You can really see the concentration in her eyes as she explores all of the new foods around her and you can feel her learning about them.  I wish we could have spent more time with the four foods that we had picked these weeks and given her more high chair time with them, but life has been nothing short of hectic.  Hopefully in the upcoming weeks we can spend more time trying to eat and learning about new foods.