5 things I try to have in all of my photos.

Over the last year I have been asked a lot about how I edit my photos and what I edit them in.  I am by no means a master, and in fact have friends far more talented than me that I have learned a lot from.  One thing I studied in school that has become my savior is editing.  So while my photography is… “iffy”, editing can be a huge asset in still putting together a good photo.

The most important thing for me was to first figure out what I even wanted.  I didn’t fall in love with my own photos until I stood back and stopped trying to be something that I wasn’t.  That bump in the road held me back from being happy with my own photos for a long time.  For nearly a year I tried to fit into other people’s mold.  Whether it be simple and black and white, shadowy and dark, or filled with warmth and all about the browns.  I couldn’t fall in love with my own photos because I was obsessed with making my photography look like the high-profile accounts I loved.

While I love them, like LOVE them love them, I am not them.  I love their photos.  I just don’t love my photo replication of them.  My pictures ended up looking forced and my life was stressed.  So instead I sat back and more or less gave up with trying to get the perfect picture.  I really thought about what “I” love.  I love color.  I love white.  I love a clean, simple, geometric, straight on image.  Now not all my photos fit that profile, but for the most part that is MY mold.  One that I am happy with trying to fit into.

I’m putting a couple of posts together with the information that has helped me to build the photos that I do and what I have learned over the last few years of finding myself

First I want to talk about the top 5 most important things I TRY to put in every photo of mine.  These are the things that  I look for when putting an image together and what makes me the happiest with my images when they are completed.  Here we goooooooo…

  1. A lot of negative space.  A lot of white, or any solid color.  So nearly half of the image (maybe less or maybe more) is of one color.  The lighter the color, the brighter the image.  Every color has something to say.  Most profiles stick around the same color scheme so being consistent is key.
  2. Some texture.  A texture or a pattern is something I love in my gallery.  In some pictures it may be Lu’s bloomers.  In others it may be a whole wall.  As long as it is an even mix of the two between all of my photos I love the dimension it adds.
  3. COLOR.  If you follow my profile you know I NEED a pop (or more) of color.  I always try to have something that pops in every photo of mine.  This also means you can have too much of a good thing.  It is “pop” for a reason.
  4. Contrast.  When your blacks are black and your whites are white it gives a crisp perspective to your picture.
  5. Keep it bright.  Color correct your image using anything white in your image ( I imagine this can be done in any program you are working in) and then brighten your highlighted areas.

Below is one of my favorite photos of Lu, and an extremely popular one on my account.

Again, I’m just gonna say it… I am not a photographer.  I tell people this way more than I can count.  I struggle with my camera and I delete more images than I keep.  A LOT more images.  I am learning all the time and am pretty sure I always will be.  So keep in mind, this is just my method.  AND if you are struggling, you are not alone.  It takes a long time to find a comfort zone and to be able to maintain it.

Im also working on a post to show you a (gasp!) pre-edited photo.  Just to prove exactly how much I love editing.  And I’ll walk you through how and where I edit my photos.

Please message me with any questions!  I will help in any way I can!