Project Playroom: rock wall.

rockwall18When we built our house we decided on putting in an extra room that the builder called a “bonus room”. I knew from the beginning of our home search that I wanted a play area for the kids. A place for them to have that is all theirs and also a community area for them to be together and bring their friends. I also knew from the beginning that I would do everything in my power to make it as amazing as I could. There have been so many plans and ideas talked about so far. Some impossible, some vetoed, and some, like this rock wall, in the making. I don’t know what the finished project will look like yet, but I am so excited to figure it out as we go.

One of the reasons (the main reason) the rock wall ended up being our first play room project is because we went a LITTLE crazy last prime day and we found a “great deal” on this set of rock climbing holds. Which actually ended up being perfect because Jax is now becoming obsessed with climbing up on anything and everything. Continue reading