A summer camp first birthday.

Jaxon'sFirstBirthday45Let me start off by saying that I did not do my homework and got insanely lucky on the weather, especially for March. With that being said, it turned out to be a great party! When I booked the shelter at the park I was convinced (entirely in my head) that the building would be more closed off and that the large fireplace inside could heat the entire thing right up. Giving it a nice cozy camp feeling. No. When we got there at 9:30 in the morning all of the walls and doors were completely open. The walls were open! I could just hear my moms voice in the back of my head, “you should have gone there early to see what it looked like”. I know! And she was right. As the hours went on it heated up throughout the day and we ended up with a 65 degree afternoon in March. Basically unheard of except with the winter we are having this year. And although it was still colder in the shelter then outside even with the massive fire we created, it was still a beautiful day and the park was gorgeous. Equip with a massive playground for the kids, a view of the lake, and perfect timing to watch the second Goodyear blimp take off for the first time! Plus it always helps when you have great set of family and friends that make the best of any situation. Everyone did their part to really make it feel like camp. We even had one of our cousins collect branches from the woods outside and widdle them into points so that we could cook hotdogs and s’mores over the open flames of the indoor fire!

Aside from the weather everything turned out great and we had so much fun immersing ourselves in camp life. For months before the day of the party we researched camp activities, watched camp movies and I tried to remember everything I could from my days in summer camp. Which wasn’t much… But from the beginning to the end we tried to make it as authentic as we could.

To start your day off at Camp Jaxon there was a table set up for name tags at the front of the shelter. That way everyone could easily meet their new camp mates! We wanted everyone to feel as comfortable as possible. There were plenty of camp chairs all over to sit around the fireplaces and we even set up a huge tent to turn into a play area for the kids! Kids could also play and color at the picnic tables because instead of covering the long tables with a table-cloth I bought a large roll of easel paper from Joannes and stretched it across the inside of the table, taping the edges underneath. On the tables were mason jars full of crayons, markers, or colored pencils, a roll of paper towels, a camp checklist, and welcome sign that also had facts about Jax on it, making up the table centerpieces.

To keep in the camp spirit and to give people a little souvenir to take home we set up a craft table, offering two crafts. The first was a bird feeder which you could make by taking an empty toilet paper roll, spreading peanut butter around it, rolling it in bird seed and putting a string through it. We had little bags to put them in with cute “Camp Jaxon” stickers to keep them closed for safe travels home. The other was simply string and fruit loops to make a fruit loop necklace! Jaxon stole pretty much everyone’s necklace who held him. So that craft was more for him than anyone else. haha. Another souvenir more aimed at the adults were pictures of Jax on the “Camp Jaxon” memories board. All the photos could be taken off and taken home by whoever liked them!

Those who were crazy enough to not fill up on fruit loops could still fill up with a camp style lunch. It was a mix of what I can imagine would be traditional camp foods and Jaxon’s favorite foods. We had whole fruit, hotdogs, yogurt, mac and cheese, granola bars, and chips. With ice cream sandwiches and sundae cones for dessert! This was probably one of the easiest meals to prepare for, and it was a hit! Of course it had to be served in lunch trays and in single file down the lunch line, how else would you do it? We borrowed the trays from a local school in the area and when were there we also ordered in their little milk cartons. There was white and chocolate milk. For everyone else we also had juice boxes, water, and maybe a little beer for the camp counselors…

Although this camp counselor never got a chance to sit down! Let alone have a drink. We finally sat once everyone had gone, everything was taken down and the nugget was taking an evening nap. It had really warmed up by evening and the park was gorgeous to just sit around, take in the day, and wait for him to wake up.

For the pattern I created to knit the crown you see on the birthday boy, check out the post A Crown Fit for a King.Camp Jaxon name tagsJaxon'sFirstBirthday12Jaxon'sFirstBirthday2Jaxon'sFirstBirthday4 Jaxon'sFirstBirthday3Jaxon'sFirstBirthday40Jaxon'sFirstBirthday7Jaxon'sFirstBirthday1Jaxon'sFirstBirthday14Jaxon'sFirstBirthday26Jaxon'sFirstBirthday24Jaxon'sFirstBirthday42Jaxon'sFirstBirthday18 Jaxon'sFirstBirthday16Jaxon'sFirstBirthday11Jaxon'sFirstBirthday10Jaxon'sFirstBirthday22I swear every time I put something together or make something, something goes wrong. No matter what. To see what went wrong this time check out the bloopers here.