Cut, paint, sew pillow.

Cactus Pillowlately, I’ve been spending most of my days daydreaming about how the new house will look. What colors, decorations, “themes”, for each room. I am so excited to start from the ground up, but there are so many choices I feel like my head is going to explode! I LOVE color, so it’s all I can do to not go overboard…. then the house runs the risk of looking like a circus. Which I guess isn’t ALL bad, haha. I just can’t imagine not having color in my life. But, I am cutting back this time. I am going to only do a couple of rooms at first and then work at it slowly. The main room I am working on is Jax’s bedroom. We are doing a desert theme and I am excited for everything planned, to say the least.

I am making little things here and there for his room as we also pack up the house. This week I started on some cute pillows to throw by the wooden pyramid I am slowly convincing my husband we NEED in his room. There will eventually be three different cactus pillows but I had to post the first one I just finished up! Continue reading