DIY snack seat.

Snackseat9We have seriously fallen in love with this “chair”. I have had it for months now and Jax just loves crawling into it and munching on all of his food. It is like his own little cozy snack spot. I originally started making it because he loved to pull down the tray on my ottoman and sit in it with his toys and food. He was doing this pretty much every day for weeks and I kept trying to think of a way to make us both happy. For him to have a little seat that held his stuff, and for me to get my tray back! And so came this adorable seat.

It has been a wonderful substitute for when we don’t wanna go in a high chair for a quick snack (or if you have animals that love to snatch up any rogue food) but also want to keep everything contained. There is a lot of cutting and sewing, but that doesn’t make it a long project. And definitely not an expensive one. I made this for only 16 dollars, and that was buying some heavy duty outdoor fabric!SnackSeat15

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