Shanghai shoot.

ChinaShoot6We got our photos! One of the most fun (and exhausting) things we did in Shanghai last month was our Chinese photo shoot. I have always wanted to do one ever since I saw one of my best friends photo books and basically forced my husband to play along when the time finally came.

Being a girl, playing dress up is a part of me. Picking out outfits, getting make up done, putting on wigs. So naturally this was going to be a blast. And after an itty bitty panic attack caused from not being able to talk to anyone and not knowing was going on, it was! Once I got everything figured and was able to pick my outfits they took us girls in the back for make up and we got the ball rolling. The boys were all reluctant but they had their beer so for at least the first 5 hours they were on cloud nine, taking embarrassing photos of us and running around attempting to talk to everyone with their “perfect annunciation” while we got ready. The second half of the day and last 5 hours of the night you could tell we were all on the downward slope and getting tired. We were all so exhausted and happy to get out of there by the time it was done that we were wondering if it was even worth it on the cab ride home. I have never seen a friend of mine so sad as when he looked up at a Chinese dominos after the ride home and they had just closed. Even after it all though, I think the pictures turned out awesome. So in conclusion, totally worth it.

The first shoot was a few group photos in our street clothes and the other two were outfits of our choice to take individual and couple photos in. My husband is still mad at me that one of the outfits I picked for myself got a sword prop for photos and the most vicious prop he was given was a fan… Luckily we had a hilarious photographer who dealt with us the entire time. Literally posing us like clay figurines because we couldn’t understand a word he was saying to us and vis versa. You could tell at times he was getting frustrated, but he laughed through it and tried every method possible to communicate with us. We tried something called WeChat which I wouldn’t recommend, apparently it’s a pretty big deal but it didn’t work so well for us. Just a taste of some of the translations we got on our side were to “be the man in you” and “i am your light”. Judging by the looks on their faces after they read my translation, I am thinking they were probably just as bad.

At the end of the last shoot we were almost done and we just had individual photos to take. My husband went first and finished quickly and then it was my turn. Now, a little back story. Earlier in the day when I picked out my outfits I had actually picked a different red dress. After they had dressed me in it and started on my makeup they asked me if I wanted to switch to another one that was more “sexy”. They were both full length and full covered gowns so to me there was no difference and I assumed something probably just got lost in translation. I agreed to switch and they changed me into the new dress. Now back to my individual photos. So there is a photographer and a lighting specialist with you in the room when you do your photos (get the light translation?). In the middle of the photos the lighting specialist kept removing articles of clothing from me here and there. Now there is A LOT of layers in these outfits so for a while it didn’t really matter and again I want to remind you that I have NO idea what anyone is saying. Pretty soon I have almost nothing left on and my husband finally comes back into the room. He starts laughing at my facial expression and turns around to go get our friend Amy. Five minutes and one less layer later she comes in and starts laughing just as hard at me. Apparently, at the end of the shoot you have the option of doing “sexy” photos. Option is a loose term when you have no idea what someone is saying. I just played along very confused and I will say I am glad that I did because they turned out pretty cool!

You can see them and the rest of our photo shoot below!ChinaShoot8ChinaShoot15ChinaShoot12ChinaShoot11ChinaShoot18ChinaShoot7ChinaShoot5ChinaShoot17 ChinaShoot16ChinaShoot10ChinaShoot9ChinaShoot19ChinaShoot14ChinaShoot13ChinaShoot4ChinaShoot2ChinaShoot