Holiday sheets DIY.

It seems I can’t get enough of the DIYs over here.  My “craft table”, aka dining room table, is pretty much unusable and the kids are banned from the room because there may or may not be rogue pins floating around.  The holidays tend to do that to me, specifically christmas.  I want all these THINGS, but don’t reallyyyyyyy want to buy them all.  So, ya know, I try my damnedest to make em’.  And sometimes it really works out for me.  Most of the time though it turns me into a stressed-out frazzled mess, but sometimes!  Just sometimes, they turn out… and those are the ones I bring here.

Fortunately, I have made sheets before, so this wasn’t too foreign to me.  In the past it was just easier to make them instead of buy them when I was looking for a particular theme in the kids room.  Up until now though I have only had to make a crib sized sheet.  Which is a teensy bit smaller than what I am looking to make now.  The twin size sheet was just large enough to come packing with its own set of problems due to the fact that Joannes didn’t really sell a piece a fabric the correct size for what I needed (at least not in the pattern I wanted…).

It took a little brainstorming but in the end I was pretty happy with it.  Meanwhile Jax hasn’t noticed the sheets or blanket at all and at one point even said “I don’t like these beds, I want udder ones back”.

I still love them, and I am not gonna let my little mini grinch kill the spirit.  Haha!  Plus, I think next year he will be ALL about them.  Once he actually has a grasp on Christmas.  Right now he is just over here like, “ummm, mom, I’m not really understanding why there are all these trees on my bed, what happened to my animals?!?!”.

Regardless of who enjoys them and whether it’s just me whose heart skips a little bit whenever I see them is not the point.  The point is, they are awesome, and fun, and CHRISTMASY.

The set I made consisted of three pieces: a pillow, a fitted sheet, and small blanket.

You can check out below to see how I made them!  It may seem like a smorgasbord but there really isn’t too much sewing or cutting, just a lot of fabric.  If you have any questions at all just let me know in the comments.  The kiddos have been sick for about the last 58 weeks straight so my head is starting to feel like an empty, cracked egg.  *sigh.  I am hoping I was able to convey the process as simply as possible though!  There are illustrations and photos to make it as clear as possible.

Roughly what you need: 3yrd of 1/4in elastic, thread to match your fabrics, for the pillowcase: 1.5yrds fabric, fitted sheet: 3yrds fabric, blanket: 1yrd quilted fabric, 1 1/4yrds flannel fabric.


Cut a piece of fabric 19in x 57in

Hem the short sides of the fabric so that it has a finished look.

Lay the piece of fabric flat on the floor with the good side facing up.  Measure 26in from your left and 5in from your right.  Fold the 5in flap underneath the fabric and then fold the left side over so that the fabric looks as though it is folded in half.

Pin the pillow case together so that the sides don’t budge.

Sew down the long sides of the fabric so that the folds stay in place.

Below is a picture showing the case sewed together completely with the flap side up, before flipping it right side out.

Flip your pillow case right side out and try it out on a pillow!



Okay, so, I did NOT buy fabric wide enough to make a twin sized fitted sheet.  Like I said before, I have only made crib sized sheets in the past and those are within the sizes of pretty much every roll of fabric.  However, that is not something that I thought about while waiting in line at Joannes with 10 bolts of fabric in my cart.  In hindsight I don’t think I would have found anything wide enough there anyways.  I would have probably had to buy it offline to get the right sizing.

This quick fix worked out perfectly though and while I won’t say it’s inconspicuous, it also doesn’t draw in any attention.  So bare with me and give it a shot.

*Please keep in mind that this is made for a thinner children mattress, if your mattress is much thicker then 4in then read through the instructions and adjust your measurements accordingly. For every inch thicker, you will add two inches to the total width and two inches to the total length. 

Cut two pieces of fabric 52in x 44in

Sew them together on their long side to make one large piece and total size of 52in x 87in

After they are sewed together lay the fabric out flat with the right side facing up

Fold the fabric in half so the wrong side is showing and then in half again

Find the corner that has no folds, this will be the fabrics four corners.

Measure 6in from both sides of the corner and draw a line. (for every inch added to accommodate a larger mattress, add an inch to the 6 inches you are cutting out) From here everything will be the same.


Cut out the 6in by 6in corner.

Unfold the piece of fabric and lay it out with right side facing up.

Pull together the sides from where each of the corners were cut out and sew them together with the right sides facing each other.

After all four corners have been sewed together begin to fold in 1/2in of fabric all along the outer sides of the sheet.  This will be sewed together making a clean hem and allow a place to put the elastic.

Leave one small opening to thread through the 1/4in elastic that will be closed later.

Thread the elastic through the whole sheet and then sew the edges of the elastic together.

Stretch out the sheet so the elastic moves freely inside of it and then close up the small gap.

Try it out on the bed!



I have to put “small” in there because it sadly ended up being smaller than I had hoped.  Don’t get me wrong, it is perfect for a crib or my sons “almost” twin sized bed, but it’s not very comfortable for an adult.  Which is okay.  It was meant to be a christmas blanket that could be pulled out around the holidays and used mostly for fun.  So if it ends up being a lap blanket down the road? I am okay with that.

Cut out two pieces of fabric, I used a super soft flannel and thicker piece of quilt.  One piece 38.5in x 38.5in and the other slightly smaller at 36in x 36in.  I picked the flannel to be the larger so that when I folded it over the edges of the quilted fabric it would show some plaid.

Lay the fabrics out like the illustration above with the smaller piece of fabric on top.  Keep the fabrics right side out.  So, the right side of the bottom fabric facing the floor, and the right side of the top of the fabric facing up.

Roll the edges of the larger fabric in 1/2in and then fold it at the point where the inner fabric begins (1.5 to 2inches over the inner fabric) and pin it to the inside fabric.

When you get to the corners fold them in to make clean edges.

After everything is pinned go around sew down the pinned fabric along the inside of the folded over fabric then go back and sew a line down each of the folded corners.

Once everything is sewed your all done!

Hope they look just as great on your little ones bed!