A freshly cleaned office.

Office6It feels so good to finally check this off of my to-do list. Cleaning my office, which has really become our new storage unit, has been sitting there unchecked for weeks. And I got it done just in time for us to leave for New York to go snowboarding! It is probably one of my favorite feelings ever to get a big project done right before taking off on a trip (the husband would probably say I am OCD about it), it helps me to get even more relaxed while I am gone just knowing it is complete and I can come home to a clean house. And even though I have been stressed out for last few days getting it done I am still gonna stand by the fact that it is worth it! If anything because it motivated me to get something that really needed done, done. So let me just smile to myself a little bit as I take a big sigh of relief!

The problem with having an entire room for an office in a house that is bursting at the hinges is that it ends up getting packed with all of those “things” that have no place in the house. Decorations, storage bins, freaking paint cans, even over flow from the garage and kitchen. While I am thrilled to have my space back so I can start working in a creative environment again, I think my husband is a little disappointed he has lost his storage unit. All the more reason to hope the bid for our land goes through this weekend, fingers crossed!

Have a wonderful snow filled weekend!Office9Office2 Office3 Office4 Office7