Getting peppy with a peplum

There are a lot of things about whats trending in clothes that I love, and many (many) more that make me….  nervous.  High waisted jeans?  Took me AWHILE to get on that bandwagon.  Now they are the only jeans I own.  I don’t need to tell you that the pure mobility you have in them is bliss.  Oh, did something fall on floor?  No problem, watch me easily pick that up without having to hold the back of my pants up the whole time OR do an awkward readjustment dance immediately after.

And high-waisted jeans aren’t alone in the club.  The flowy look of looser fitting clothes?  Yes, please!  Scrunchies?  Fanny packs?  One piece bathing suits?  Bring on all the oldies and alllllll the goodies.

Maybe the style isn’t changing for the whole world and it’s just me becoming a mom.  If that’s the case I will gladly sit in this bubble all day long.  However, I will say that I bought myself a pair of “mom jeans” straight from the juniors department at Target awhile back (don’t get me started on how weird that purchase felt).  If that doesn’t scream trendy, I don’t know what does…  And even if they aren’t, they are still hands down the best jeans I own.

One thing I wasn’t working my way closer to trying out was peplum tops.  It’s one of those things that screamed “toddler” to me.  Even though I kept seeing them everywhere and they looked so cute on every one else wearing them.  But, times are a changing and Cleo Madison gave me an awesome opportunity to try one out.  So, why not?

Just like high-waisted jeans, I fell in love.  I wasn’t sure I was going to love the longer than normal length, but just like the shirt itself, I judged it too early.  The length was perfect for the shirt and surprisingly fell just right around the jeans (yea, those same target jeans).

It was comfortable, nursing friendly, and even flattering to boot.  Just one more style of clothing that my reservations held me back from for far too long.  So, THANK YOU girls from Cleo, my eyes are opened and in love.  If you haven’t yet, check them out.

Cleo Madison is a super cute and actually affordable little boutique that is all about feeling good and being comfortable.  Their clothes are modest and perfect for other mama’s like me who are looking for something they can wear out and about but still be functional in.  Because as a mom functionality is quickly becoming key.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a LBD or a  backless romper just as much as the next girl, but you try going to the bathroom in one of those contraptions while accompanied by two kids and a double stroller.  It’s just not practical.  What we need is practical, and these clothes are just the right thing.

Shop the link to my peplum top here.  P.S. it’s only 18 dollars!