“Strong like a mom” shirt giveaway.

It’s hard to know what to expect when you go in for the delivery of your first baby.  In my case, it didn’t go at all the way that I had imagined, and after reading baby book after book I thought I had imagined it all.  I was never afraid of one particular thing, it was more of the unknown.  What could happen, what if that happened, etc.  When dealing with the most important thing in my life, the unknown was the scariest thing for me.

From the beginning of my time at the hospital, almost immediately after the medications to induce my labor had fully kicked in, Jaxon’s heart rate began to drop during some of my contractions.  At first no one seemed concerned, so everything continued to go as planned.  Slowly over my stay in labor and delivery things began to worsen and the nurses started to take precautions.  After about 13 hours of laying in the same spot so that I didn’t move him and risk having his heart rate drop the doctors made the decision to do a cesarean.  By that time I was so drained from contractions, medications and worry that I hardly remember the whole experience aside from flashes here and there.  After the surgery was finished and I heard Jax cry the relief of knowing things were okay took over my body and mind. I was finally able to relax.  That is of course the expedited story of my delivery, but my point is about that sense of relief.  Nothing was guaranteed, but I felt safe, and I knew that at least with the surgery, Jax would be safe.  That relief is the one feeling from that day that I know I will never forget.

Something that I often think about now is the women who don’t ever get to feel that relief.  The women around the world that don’t have the luxury of knowing that they have the best chances and medical advancements at their disposal.  If I had been somewhere else in this world, or even 30 years into the past, things would have been different and my happy ending may not have existed.

It turns out I am not the only person who feels this way. Gina from Strong like a Mom was looking for a way to give back after having her baby and more than succeeded.  I am so amazed at her dedication to do what is important to her.  By creating the Strong like a Mom patch and developing these shirts, she is able to do something she cares about and give back to something she cares about even more.  When you buy one of her shirts half of the proceeds go to a foundation called Every Mother Counts, a charity that helps women around the world get the medical care that they need during pregnancy and childbirth.  Not only are these shirts super soft, super comfy and super cute, they ACTUALLY give back to moms in need!  A cool shirt that also helps other women?  Could there be a better “mom shirt” out there? Short answer, no.

There really is no strength like that of a mother.  What each of us do to bring our babes into this world is mentally and physically amazing.  We all deserve to wear a patch of honor that signifies it.  Right now Gina is giving away one of her tanks to raise awareness of this charity and her contribution to it.  Visit my Instagram to enter and visit her on Etsy or on Instagram to read more about her story and her plan.  Purchase a shirt to help other women like us around the world get the same feeling of safety that everyone women deserves.