Where’s Waldo DIY costume

I have been plotting and dreaming about sooooo many costumes this year.  Trying to come up with concepts that are inexpensive or have some sort of double use that can make a dollar stretch just a little bit further this holiday.  Honestly, it has been a blast trying to come up with new ideas and even more fun trying to execute them.  Even the kids have jumped in and are telling me allllll the different things they want to be.  Some are a teensy bit unrealistic…. BUT I am trying my hardest to make them happen!

This Waldo and Wendy costume was one that I was SUPER excited for, but I had no idea just HOW excited I would be once they were actually in it.  They may very well be my fav that I’ve put them in so far.  The cuteness killed me the second they stuck their glasses on and grinned at me.  They know…. how cute they are.

The best part is it’s simplicity.  Add the bonus of being able to use these striped pajamas (yes! They are pajamas!) for christmas as well.  Then a double bonus for the fact that they will be warm!  We live in Ohio so the weather is definitely a mystery until basically the day before. It’s just the life we live!  Haha!  I have partaken in 90 degree Halloween’s and also 25 degree Halloween’s.  We gotta be ready for anything.

Now lets talk about these jams.  These are basically Christmas pajamas from Leveret. And what gets more use than a pair of kids pajamas?  Not much in this household.  I was happy knowing that the main part of this costume is something these babes will wear a LOT.  The kids were happy because the whole costume was made up of the most comfy clothes in their closet.

The rest of the costume was made around the house, with the exception of buying the glasses on Amazon.  The hats were a breeze to knit and Lu’s skirt was cut off of a pair of jean overalls I had lying around!

It ended up being so simple and so completely adorable!  These two were melting me from the moment they put everything on.  I am completely convinced this is the best brother and sister dress up outfit, ever!

Find the hat pattern below along with the links to the glasses and jammies!

Shop Leveret’s white and red pajamas here ($20.00)

Shop the kids Harry Potter glasses here ($3.58)

Find the hat pattern here