The MOST versatile bag you’ll own: Kaleido Concepts

Over the last couple weeks I was given the opportunity to try out some of the most unique bags I’ve seen in a long time.  They can become full size and fully useable totes, shoppers,  packing cubes and more, and they can also become a teeny little pouch to pack away for whenever needed.  I’ve used bags that fold up and can be packed away before, but never to this quality and NEVER with this kind of variety.  From back packs to very large tote bags, Kaleido Concepts have a travel bag for everyone and every use. And those two types of bags above are exactly the ones I wanted to try out.

A backpack, because in all honesty, while I may need another bag, I usually don’t have the hands for one.  So on the back it goes!  A tote because whether I’m out and about shopping, at a craft show, or even packing up to come or go from my parents house there is never a time where I couldn’t use another tote.  They help me organize, separate, and basically keep myself sane.  Plus, how is it that we always leave somewhere with more than we came with?!  That’s right smack dab in the middle of my very long list of things I would just love to know one day…

Now that my kids are older I have been trying to “downsize” my diaper bag collection.  I just don’t feel like I need as much as I did when they were itty bitty and for the most part the kids don’t use as much while we are out and about as they used to.  Or at least that is how the optimistic-hasn’t-left-the-house-yet version of myself feels. Turns out that that exact feeling has been my downfall more often than I would like to admit.  For some reason the times that I don’t pack everything I need tend to be the times I NEED everything I didn’t pack.  Go figure.  But! This is what makes these bags perfect!  I can pack a smaller bag and throw one of these bad boys inside.  Then, when I inevitably need a larger bag to account for all the loose toys, empty juice cups, discarded sweaters, stuffies, candy wrappers… You know, all those things we HAD to take with us, I got just the one!

After quickly stuffing the Kaleido Concepts backpack in one of my diaper bags and testing it out in the trenches of motherhood I got pretty excited about their products.  Judging by other bags I have seen like this in the past I was expecting the fabric to be weak and breakable, but that was so very far from the case.  The fabric the bags are made of are just thin enough to be packed easily and made to be extremely durable.  From the first touch you can feel that they are made to hold up to daily activities and the errands of life.  All that topped off with gorgeous patterns hand created by artist specially for these bags, beautiful!  The pink breeze collection (the pattern of my book bag) has easily stolen my heart.

Each bag folds into one of its own double zippered pockets that are fully functional when the bag is opened up.  When they are packed away they are around the same size as a little clutch.  Perfect for shoving into the pocket of your diaper bag, purse, or tote for those just-in-case moments.

It’s a serious comfort knowing I have one in my bag for whenever I may need it. Especially when they hardly take up any space and are easily compacted to fit into any pocket I have available. I try my hardest to always have as many back up plans as I can, and these bags offer me one for many different situations. They have already gotten so much use over here and saved me from many moments of disarray!  Take my word for it, you need one!

Check them all out here and to shop my book bag click here, or my tote click here!