DIY felt wings

Over here in this house I have one serious animal lover, and lately he wants to play pretend he is all of them.  Sometimes at the same time.  From dinosaur tails to tiger masks and everything in between.  He pretty much obsesses over anything he can put on that makes him feel like one of his favorite animals, which had me start brainstorming on simple ways I could start making more pretend gear for him to have around the house.  These wings were first on the to-make list and they exceeded my expectations by turning out way more fun than I imagined and being way simpler than I anticipated.  Bonus, it only costed about 5 dollars to make.

I started with 10 different colors of felt (fall colors with the holidays coming up) and 20-24 inches of 1/4in elastic.

For a little while I played around with different kinds of patterns, but ultimately ended up just throwing it together making sure two of the same colors never touched.  I was a little concerned with just haphazardly putting it together but couldn’t be happier with the outcome.


Start by cutting a feather shape over and over again out of the felt, getting as many of these shapes as you can.  I cut one and then cut around it on the other pieces of felt to keep them around the same size.  Below is the size and shape that I used.

Start lining the shapes next to each other, gluing them together like the image below.

Keep going like that until you reach the 9th row and then begin gluing the 9th row at the second and third feathers from the 8th row, skipping the 1st.  Do this again at the 12th row.

Flip over the wings and get ready to start gluing more feather shapes all along the back. Doing the same thing as the front, but starting from the bottom.

Keep going all the way up until you reach the top row.  Pull out the elastic and cut 4 pieces 5-6in in length.  Sew them to the felt on the 1st, 5th, 12th, and 16th feathers (See the X’s in the image below).

After they are all sewn in, finish by gluing on the last row of feathers.

Let dry and then PLAY!