Mermaid Crown

Another year, another birthday, another crown!  Normally I am pretty overwhelmed coming off of Christmas and jumping straight into all of our birthdays back to back (aside from Rosie who is happily positioned on the other side of the year all by herself), but this year I am really feeling it!  Lu told me her theme idea and my brain has been pumping out ideas in overdrive.  Mermaids, she said!

This will be one of the first years I think I just might have it all planned out sooner then a few days before her party.  Assuming I don’t jinx myself right there.

The big concept I am doing with the whole mermaid theme IS: under the sea.  I want to dress the whole house up as under the sea while Lu is skipping around the party being the  one and only mermaid!  It’ll make her feel super special and give me the chance to play with some super cute outfit ideas.  For starters… her mermaid crown!

She is already loving it and can’t wait to make the rest of her outfit to match.

If you have seen my flower crown DIY then it is not much different than that.

To make one you’ll need wire, felt, hot glue, string to do detailing and to make the folded-in coral, and any other gems or beads that you may want to attach.

Measure the wire so it is slightly larger then your child’s head.  Once you start gluing the felt inside you will lose some of that space and it could end up too small.

Start cutting out your felt.  I made star fish, shells, coral, seaweed, anything I could think of.  I decided to hand sew little designs into some of my bigger felt pieces, but I think you could go either way and it would still look great.

To make the shells, cut an oval, roll it up and glue it.

To make the coral, cut a fat “C”, roll it up and glue it.

And to make the folded coral, loosely sew across the middle of an oval and then tighten and tie the string.

Start gluing on the seaweed and filler pieces, saving your larger and more intricate designs for the top.

Go all the way around and then start adding in pieces where you like.  I made one side much heavier on the pieces and built it up to look more “crown like”.

Once I was finished I thought it needed something else to really give it that under water feel.  Something to feel like a little treasure was added in!  I strung a bunch of pastel beads and glued them around the shells.  It was just what it needed and I couldn’t have been happier!