Kids monster cupcakes


Even though it is 90 degrees outside, I have a pumpkin pie candle burning and to me it smells like I’m right in the middle of the holidays.  It will never cease to amaze me how a clean house and the perfect candle can just completely change my mood and put a permanent smile on my face.  Even when we are standing right in the middle of a house full of sleepy babes and sugar high toddlers bouncing around at a million miles a minute.

To counter the insane heat and honor the first day of fall we got together with some good friends and their kids to put together some monster cupcakes.  No structure, no goal, just loads of candy and some iced cupcakes.  In hind sight, I should have definitely anticipated the complete licking of frosting off of numerous cupcakes and each of them eating a handful of candy for every piece they decorated with.

By the end of the endeavor they were bouncing in chairs with more marshmallows in their mouth then they could swallow and Jaxon was up until, let’s pretend I’m not going to say 1am…

It was worth all of the laughs we got watching them make their monsters and that 90 degree day definitely came in clutch when the kids decided to move the chaos outside.  Burning most of their energy off rolling around in the yard and playing on the swing set.  A perfect start to our fall, and for the upcoming holidays that just get more and more fun as the kids get older.

Heres a some pics from the night and the recipe for the frosting I (FINALLY) found that was able to keep it together and not melt all over the place – bonus it’s delicious – you can find right here.

Our favorite candies to decorate with?  Most of them are probably in your pantry.  Red vines were great for hair, tentacles, even making a circular mouth.  LOTS of eyes.  Monsters have LOTS of eyes in case you didn’t know.  Marshmallows for teeth, semi sweet chocolates for spikes, and sprinkles or powdered sugar could make a really cool texture effect on the monsters “skin”.

If you are up for a late night and sore stomach from laughing, I would definitely give it a try!