Packing for the boys.

Packing9Its been a lonely task packing for these two boys without being able to go on vacation with them myself. I am happy that they are getting some one on one bonding time, but can’t help but to be jealous. This isn’t the first time Jax has been to the ocean, but it would have definitely been the most fun to date. Now that he is old enough to really know he is somewhere new and experience new things. For months we have been so excited to spend this time as a family and to be apart of two of our best friends weddings. So it is hard to be stuck so far away while Jax experiences the beach and our friends celebrate one of the most important days they will ever have. It’s hard to imagine not being a part of a memory they will have for the rest of their lives. I do however plan on making Justin take photos of my head on the iPad with everyone there… haha. And at least Justin can still stand with them, and Jax can be there to support them and dance his little butt off.

Meanwhile I can remain safe and not be at risk to Zika, which is still a comfort even though I miss them more than anything. I keep getting texts telling me how much my friends are getting bitten, which feels reassuring. Even though I barely had a decision to make, I know I made the right one. So while I am spending this time at home I’m trying to keep my mind off of things and take advantage of the time (which I suddenly have so much of) to work around the house and on some projects that I have been excited to get started on.

Between all these projects and packing the boys up I have been a busy bee!

Late two nights ago my husband took a look at my, some would say “neurotic”, packing and laughed at me. Which may have been well deserved. But my main objective is to make everything for them as easy as possible. Even if it does seem over the top and warrant a laugh. Even if my outfits are weather categorized, and arranged by comfort. This way, whatever they plan for the day, there is a correlating outfit. Which may or may not contain a small little gift or note for the loves of my life. They can thank me later…Packing1Yes, I made labels. And I am not ashamed of this. EVERYTHING looks better (and more organized) in pretty packaging. I stand by that. It also keeps all the outfits from falling apart throughout travel and keeps every pair of socks with every outfit. I am not sure why, but I always end up losing the socks first.

Heres the labels if your interested in using them as well!Packing3I wrapped up a bottom, a top, some socks, a sweater in some cases, and a little “surprise” in each  bundle. In this bundle, the surprise was a little wooden cement roller. I tried to keep all of his toys quiet ones so that on the plane and during the wedding he could still have them. I really wanted to pick up a plane so that he could see and play with it while on his first flight, and it helped the only one that I could find was a little wooden toy as well. So I bought a few of the cars from the same line for a couple of the bundles. Packing2Some of the other bundles got lollipops and some got love notes.Packing7And all of them were wrapped up and labeled before being packed away. Packing5Packing8Every day they can open up a surprise or a reminder of how much I love and miss them. Hopefully making something as simple as getting dressed a little more special on their trip.

One other small thing I added to their bag, and the most important thing if you ask me… Is a picture list. A list of all the pictures and memories that I wanted from this trip and wanted to memorialize. It gives me a way to feel a part of the trip, and I also look forward to the creative pictures I know I will get from these two!Packing16If only I could pack myself up and go with him too, then our packing would be perfect. Packing10