Mini succulent Christmas gift.

Every year for the holidays Justin and I put together a little family and friend gift to hand out to all the people we get to visit with.  It’s never a lot and we try to do it as inexpensive as possible, but all the same, we try to make it special.  Last year when I was pregnant with Lu I tried to throw this whole tradition out the window.  I was tired, huge, and over it.  Justin made me stick it out though until about one in the morning one night creating these wooden vintage van ornaments.  I could have killed him at the time, but it turned out to be so much fun.  Jax slept (which was super rare at the time), we talked for hours without any phones or TV’s or anything and in the end the ornament was adorable.  It was a perfect combination of both of us and I loved the time we spent making them.  If you wanna see how they turned out, check em out here.

So this year I wasn’t going to back down or let me tiredness get in the way.  Not only is it a good feeling to be able to hand someone something small to show them how much you appreciate them all year-long, but it feels even better when you make it yourself.  When you have spent the time to show someone how much they mean to you.

This year I have been really into my little indoor garden.  I think because in our old house we didn’t have enough light to grow even an unkillable plant.  Now with all the windows in our new home I am finally scratching that itch.  After doing some research it turned out to be very easy to make little baby plants from succulents that I already had and grow them quickly.  It seemed like the perfect little gift to hand out to everyone for the holidays.

Here’s how we made our little succulents, if you start soon there is still plenty time to have them for the holidays!

You need – succulents (ones that are easy to propagate), small terra-cotta planters (I got mine from amazon),  potting soil, and white paint and ribbon if you want to decorate.

All in all, I have spent under 30 dollars to make 16 of these little guys.

To start, grab a leaf from your plant and pluck it away.  Pull as many of these leaves as you need new plants.  Maybe more, just in case some don’t sprout.  Lay them on a paper towel in full light until they begin to grow roots, a week or two.

Once they started growing roots I put them in a “community pot” for a bit until they got bigger and were ready for their own bowl.  Water the bowl lightly once a week.

Once they looked like the picture below it was time to pot in the mini bowls.

To add a little Christmas flare I painted a quick white line under the rim of the pot and then glued a red and green ribbon around it.

After the paint is dry add the soil.  Poke a whole with your finger going all the way down into the bottom of the bowl so that the leaf can be buried into it leaving the new sprouts above the soil.

Continue to water once a week and keep them in full sun.  Then enjoy handing them out to family and friends!

These guys are a little under one month old!