DIY mermaid tights

The first stop on our journey to completing the perfect mermaid outfit was making the perfect mermaid tights!  Covered in gems and sparkly in any light.  They looked like beautiful gems from the bottom of the sea covering her legs like barnacles on a boat.

Also, they are so fun and easy to make!  I finished hers in about a half an hour.  And we decided (well, I decided…) that we are definitely making a sunnier version with yellows and oranges for our beach vacation in May.  We also may need to make some socks, and some knee highs, and who knows what else!

All you need is a pair of tights, some gem-tac (this glue is important, it is made for mirror backed gems), mirror backed gems, and some smaller beads and sequins which are optional to glue throughout the larger gems. I linked everything here.

I stuck a little piece of cardboard into her tights so that it would be easier to glue multiple gems at the same time, but it isn’t necessary.  If you have the dance tights, which are a little thicker, the glue will not go through and stick together.

Keep adding pieces until you have as many as you like, it’s that simple!