Wooden peg people

Last year I decided on a whim to make a felt board with all kinds of christmas felt cut outs to attach to it.  The kids loved it and I ended up making felt pieces all through December whenever they came up with a new character they needed to have.  This year I ended up doing the same thing, but with wooden peg people.

I kept seeing these adorable wooden peg people toys everywhere and every time I did I would think, I could make those!  Finally I buckled down to get to work, and let me tell you, it was shockingly soothing to detail these guys and make little people come to life.

What I wanted most was to have our family.  That was where I spent most of my time.  No regrets either, if you are going to have a bunch of peg people hanging around, you mine as well have your family painted out for the kids to play with!  After they were done it was all about creating things as me or the kids thought about it.  Which turned in to making a GAZILLION christmas themed characters, and 7 “Christmas sets” to pass out to our neighbors with young kids.  I wish I could figure it out, but I always tend to go a little overboard once I start something…

But again, no regrets!  They are SO cute.  And they are a little toy that will last a long time.

The nice thing about these little wooden pegs is that you can make them as intricate or as simple as you like.  While I made a lot of intricate ones, I also made a number of plain ones that are in the color of the rainbow (although I am catching grief from my kids because they don’t “have a face”… use your imagination!  Right?!  ha).  Basically, you don’t have to be a gifted artist to created something beautiful.

What’s still on my agenda is to make a group of super heroes and princesses.  Think Snow White and her seven dwarfs!  But those are for Christmas, and I haven’t found the time to make those behind my kids backs yet.

Check out below to see some examples of what I’ve made and to see my step by step Abominable Snowman peg!

I bought my peg people online from amazon (check out my store front here that will give a list of ALL the supplies I used and a link to them).  The paint I used was Apple Barrel gloss finish and I sealed them all with mod podge.  I found the most important thing is having brushes small enough to get the detail in.

My rainbow people

Our neighbor gift set that I’m super excited about!  Santa, Mrs Claus, two elves, a snowman, and a christmas tree!

One of the kids favorite characters I made was the Abominable Snowman, so I thought it would be the perfect one to show a step by step of!

If you want to get really detailed, you can add hair all around!

When you break down the small details they are all very easy to make, albeit VERY time consuming for some of them.  But worth it!

Don’t forget to seal them with mod podge or another sealer.  If you don’t they are more likely to chip and fade.

Ill post more pictures as I complete the rest of my ideas!