DIY dreamcatcher.

Like so many of our projects start out, I saw a similar type of thing somewhere and had to have it. But my peanut gallery (aka my mother and husband) chimed in with the “you could probably do that yourself!”. If you could only see my face right now, and my craft/dining room table full of all the projects that I can “do myself”. Sometimes I am thrilled when I figure out how to do something because I can customize it to make it exactly what I want and make it fit in exactly where I need it. Other times I wanna kick myself for just not buying from someone who knew what they were doing. Luckily this time around it was the former. I was able to tweak all of my colors to make it perfect for Lu’s room and it really wasn’t too difficult to do. The plan was to put it above her crib but unfortunately with the mural that I just finished there was just too much going on. But it still looks great right above her changing table!


Since we just moved into our new house about 6 months ago there is no grass, let alone trees. So we ventured to my parents house who live right outside a huge wooded area and these three amazing guys went in search of the perfect branches to make this dream catcher. Originally the plan was to grab an actual tree branch and bend it slowly until it formed a circle. But they ended up finding this awesome vine that worked even better than I could have imagined. Justin formed it into a circle and wrapped it around itself over and over again until it was twisted. We made two circles, one large and one smaller. This way the smaller one could be fit into the large one. 

I cleaned them up and pulled off most of the flaky bark before I started with the string. I knew I wanted mine to be pretty simple since I was using a lot of natural materials so I stayed clear of any beads and decoration.

With the smaller circle and some string tie a knot around the vine to start.

About two to three inches from the right of that knot and with about two to three inches of slack when you pull the string away from the branch tie a second knot. I didn’t worry about the measurements being too perfect because I wanted a varying look.

Keep tying knots until you make it all the way around. Once you are back at the starting point, tie the string to the original knot and cut the string.

When pulled tight the tied strings will look like triangles. To start the second row grab the slack of the first “triangle” and tie a knot around the center of it.

Continue to feed the string through the top of each triangle going around the entire circle until you are at the beginning again. Make sure to keep the string tight as you go around.

Now there is a new row of triangles. Continue to feed the string through the top of each one until you have made your way into the center.

Keep going around!

And around!

If it gets too tight, or too difficult to find the next place to thread your string in use a large needle.

Eventually you may not be able to go any further. This was were I threw in the towel. It was so tight I didn’t have to tie it off, but I did dab it with glue to make sure it stayed in place.

Now grab the large circle and another color of string.

Tie off a starting point on the large circle of vine.

Place the smaller circle inside the larger one and wrap the string between the two circles going around the top of the smaller circle and then the larger. Repeat this until you have wrapped the string all the way around the dream catcher. Make sure to not pull too tightly until you are over half way around the circle and there is string on the other side to hold the smaller vine in place. This way it will stay centered.

Tie off on the original knot once you have completed the circle.

My final addition was some ostrich feathers for the bottom. I tied yellow, red, and pink string around the ends of them and dangled them from the dream catcher to finish it off.