What’s in our Easter baskets!

Hello, hello!  I have FINALLY got a chance to sneak away from my energizer bunnies and hustle downstairs to get my Easter baskets together and photographed.  I swear I have had my shopping done for weeks now, but I just haven’t been able to get it all together.  Which means I just keep picking things up wherever I was thinking I needed more.  Until I realized I have a bajillion things more than I ever though…. anyone with me?

With only 4 more days until Easter most of you have probably got everything all finished up.  But for those of you still shopping like myself,  I may still have some cute ideas for you!  The good news is, most of the things I have in our basket is on Amazon Prime!  Which means, you can still order with time to spare…

If you’re looking for a small add-on with a big impact, then what about a little craft?

My favorite thing we added to the basket this year is simply, a terra-cotta pot, flower seeds, and paint and a paintbrush.  We got our pots from IKEA, but they can easily be found at any plant or hardwood store for a couple bucks.  You can find the flower seeds and some potting soil at the same place!  The paint I got was from Joannes (non toxic outdoor paint) along with small paint holders and brushes.

I’m really excited for this idea because not only is it only a few dollars to make, but my kids LOVE crafting and painting.  Having something to all do together for summer is a great memory to have and look forward to.

Heres what’s in our basket!

First off, the gorgeous hand painted tags on these bags are made by the amazing Chalk Designs by Me – definitely worth checking out!

Find on Amazon!

Glo Pals – The BEST bath toy ever.  They glow when they hit the water and turn off right away once out.  Two of these created a disco party in my bathroom a few weeks ago.

Da Bomb bath fizzes – I got mine in “Easter bomb”, but there are TONS to choose from.

Finger crayons – for your little artist.

Plus Plus BIG blocks – you can also get these blocks in smaller versions and in primary colors (this link is for the Easter-y pastel colors!

Jellycat bunny – sooooo many to choose from!

Playmobil set – there are all different shapes, sizes, and interests!

Kickee jams – the ones I got lu and the ones linked are “aloe sunflower”.

From the dollar store – some cheap DVD’s to watch in our new mini van (they are obsessed now that they have the dvd players in the back!), stickers, and sticker books.

From Target Toddler sun hat

Lu’s basket itself is  a picnic basket and is from Olliella! – Unfortunately you won’t get this cute basket by Easter, but there’s always an excuse for a basket, right?!


Hope I could help out with some cute ideas!  Happy Easter everyone!

Side note – anyone remember these bunnies?!?! I got a ton in my Easter baskets as a child so I could not say no when I passed one at the drug store, haha!