Peter Cotton Tail easy DIY.

Peter Cotton Tail DIYBecause bunny ears just weren’t enough!

I am super excited about doing Jax’s Easter photos this weekend and have been collecting props and ideas for how to do them all week. There hasn’t been a lot of time to get some good ones lately so I am really taking advantage. Plus, when better then when the weather is finally warming up and spring is starting to show up! I found these adorable ears at Target for like a dollar and thought that I hit the jackpot, but they just weren’t enough. That cute little tushy needed something adorable on it too, and oh man am I happy I made that something. Especially since I was able to get all the materials just by walking into my bathroom.

Take a stroll into your bathroom and grab some cotton balls, a bobby pin, and some sort of string, and of course your glue gun. Fold your string in half and start gluing the balls together at the folded end. Once mine got pretty circular I started to spread some of the cotton balls apart and glue them around the whole balls of cotton. It gave it a more even and round look. Once your satisfied with the size (mine was a little larger then a baseball) tie the strings around the opening end of the bobby pin and then cut your loose ends. Secure good with some glue, let dry, and then watch the adorableness happen!

I hope your as happy with your little bunnies photos as I was!

The best photo is at the bottom….CottenTailCraft5 CottenTailCraft6 CottenTailCraft7 CottenTailCraft8 CottenTailCraft9 CottenTailCraft10 CottenTailCraft11CottonTailCraft3