10 new Easter traditions to try out this year.

Looking for a new Easter tradition? Something unique or something to just make the day a little extra special? We have been. This is the first year Jaxon has really showed an interest in the holidays. Or I should say, he’s under the impression that the “big bunny” is going to bring him chocolate and maybe a big dino truck. I am not sure where he got that idea, but I guess we will see what happens.

Although he is excited to get a visit from the bunny to his house over night he still isn’t totally comfortable with coming in contact with an actual large bunny. He definitely won’t go near the big bunny for pictures, but he will sit and watch him from a safe and VERY distant spot, asking questions about him her and there. Maybe next year will be the year he sits on his lap, or maybe it will be never. To be honest, we aren’t in love with the price of those photos or the (very) creepy looking bunny in them. Aside from being afraid of actually coming face to face with the bunny at the mall he is pretty excited for the holiday, and this is a first. He has enjoyed other holidays, but there was no build up or anticipation. He just didn’t understand what was going to happen, until now.

The fact that he is getting into the holiday so much is making me want to get into it tenfold. I have always loved holidays and now that I have children of my own my goal is to make every holiday as special and memorable as possible. There is nothing better than the holidays and the traditions that we make to go with them. It is something we carry with us our whole life.

My mom and I laugh now because we can’t believe some of the traditions we used to do. The night before Easter we would decorate eggs, just like any normal family. Then right after we went to bed my parents would hide them for us to find the next morning. Eggs. Unrefrigerated. Out over night. I know your probably thinking, well, it’s okay if you don’t plan on eating them. We did though, we ate them all. Shockingly, we never got sick, or even thought twice about the process. Still, I think that is a tradition that may be better off left in the past and replaced with some new ones to fill its very memorable shoes.

I’ve looked over the internet, asked people on Instagram, talked to family, and I think we’ve accumulated some great ideas for our Easter celebration. We have experimented with a lot and talked about even more. Some will be added to our Easter immediately, others later on. If you’re looking for some great ideas or just something new to add to your already perfect day, take a look at these ten traditions that we plan to add to our Easter holiday.

1. Creative decorating Egg decorating isn’t anything new. It’s a huge tradition for the majority of people who celebrate Easter, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be spiced up. Since dye isn’t the cleanest method of decorating our eggs (yes we tried) we started looking for other ways of prettying up our eggs. This year we mostly used crayons because right now that is one of Jaxon’s favorite mediums. It’s definitely not our favorite method and is a little tricky to actually use, but top it with some stickers and supervised egg dying and you have a pretty good-looking egg. Next year when Jaxon is another year older and maybe a teensy bit more patient we will trying some even more creative ideas.

2. Egg race In this house we are all about games. If we can make it a game we will. So why not games on Easter? It’s like the traditional spoon races but with a much less messier hard boiled egg. If you drop it, you eat it! If you win, well thats up to you. We are having our winner pick out dinner.

3. Color match egg hunt Lately we have been working with Jaxon to learn his colors. So when I saw this color matching idea on Pinterest I was all over it. All of our hidden eggs will have mismatched tops and bottoms. Once all the eggs are collected we will show the pictures of the eggs to Jax and as he matches them to his collected eggs he can open them and see whats inside!

Here is the egg PDF we designed and used

4. Honk for the bunny! After asking some other moms on Instagram what their favorite memories of Easter were I got SO many awesome ideas and funny stories. One was too amazing not share, or do myself one day. She talked about how they would leave the house on Easter to visit family and when they were coming home and pulling back into the driveway her dad would start honking the car horn over and over again. He told them it was to scare the Easter bunny away! Like most people on Easter, we are always out and about visiting family. From now on, this will definitely be happening when we are pulling back into the house.

5. A neighborly gift After decorating eggs with Jaxon I decided I needed a little momma time to decorate my own kind of eggs and have a little fun. I channeled my Christmas spirit and made some cut out cookies shaped like eggs for myself to decorate. We packaged them up in little bags and Jax handed them out to neighbors, friends, and family.

6. The bunnies helper The holidays are all about imagination. There is no limit to the fun you can have on these special days. On our Easter morning there will of course be a little basket for Jax from the Easter bunny. But we are also going to have a little something from a “friend” of the Easter bunny. Maybe it will be an elephant who will leave some huge footprints behind? Or maybe a monkey who will have left behind some empty banana peels? It could be any animal, but every year it will be a different one and the kids can guess what it is by what clues were left behind.

7. An early visitor  To keep up the excitement (and maybe good behavior…) set up an early visit from the bunny. We are hiding some half eaten carrots and candy filled eggs near his bed so that he can find them when he wakes up a few days before Easter.

8. Get matchy Okay, this could just be us. I mean, I did literally just purchase matching bathing suits for summer, but what can I say, we LOVE to match. Why not match on a day were you are already buying special clothes and beautiful Easter dresses? I was able to get to perfectly matching floral dresses from Old Navy for Lu and myself. And because we of this very often, the boys already had some matching shorts and shirts.

9. Golden egg One egg, out of all the eggs, hidden better and filled with something wonderful! Mine is wrapped in gold tape and this year it has a match box car in it. As the kids get older I am excited to make to make it a “coupon” type gift. It could be to “pick what we do one Saturday” or “get out of chores for a week”, the possibilities are endless. Really it can be built around whatever the kids are into at that time.

10. A food tradition As I have talked about Easter traditions I have heard of so many amazing traditional foods that families share together. It made me remember the one that my family had while we were growing up. Every year on Easter my grandparents would cut up hard-boiled eggs, season them with salt and pepper and pour vinegar over them. It is so simple and yet every time I taste it it makes me think of them and of our Easters together.