Life size coloring pages.

It’s funny to me how most of the time the coolest things the kids and I do together are actually just happy accidents.  I can plan and pin, google search and pin some more.  Come across some of the best ideas the internet has to offer and still, our favorite things always seem to happen by accident. 

I decided a couple days ago to buckle down and clean up the total disaster that was my office/the kids coloring space.  They had some friends over a few nights before and lets just say, I wasn’t watching them for 5 seconds… I think we can all imagine what it looked like.  Among everything else thrown haphazardly all around the floor, our entire IKEA roll of paper was all stretched out, just laying there, completely unused and wasted.  

I think it took me so long to clean it up because I was just standing there, staring at it all thinking, I don’t want to throw all that away! What a waste!  Until I could think of a better alternative to throwing it away, I just let it lay there and closed the door.  Like it never happened. 

Then yesterday we got smart, got determined, and we started going hard on the coloring. Which turned into tracing our bodies and then coloring them in.  Which turned into life size drawings of animals.  Which ultimately turned into the promise of a “life size” (to them at least) dinosaur scene to color in. 

It hardly took any time to cut the paper and tape it up on the wall.  It took a little longer to try and pencil draw (then outline with marker) the scene from a dinosaur puzzle box top.  The image requested, of course.  

Seeing their face when I finally finished up mid morning was worth all the tedious drawing and kicked over coffee cups.  Thrilled would be an understatement, both of their eye lit up and they were so excited to get started.  Jaxon a bit more than Lu, who really just wanted to scribble everywhere with every color possible!  Jax kept his cool though and took to the top of the paper where lu couldn’t reach.  

I would love to say that it took them just as long to color the prehistoric scene in as it took me to draw it, but that would be a lie.  It did however buy me enough time to listen to pandora and clean the kitchen!  Which is a win for us all.  

Check out the current “after” photo (it’s still a work in progress).  If you look really close you can tell which dinosaur they started on.  The dilophosaurus (front and center in the middle of the paper) definitely got the most attention. 

Oh, and if I didn’t mention, this is smack dab in the middle of our dining room.  And I don’t think it’ll be coming down anytime soon.  So, hello there new dinner guests!  At least we seem to be in good company!