Bloomer DIY

Lately I have come to the decision that I refuse to pay 15 to 20 bucks for a pair of bloomers.  Probably one of the simplest things to make and that only cost maybe 2 dollars a pair…  In fact, I made a few pairs and the most expensive ones only cost me about 4 dollars.  On top of that, they were a breeze to sew.  You could probably make a couple of pairs during nap time.

I started posting some pics of Lu in hers and got asked a lot of questions about the patterns of the fabric or where I got them from.  For the most part I had been wining it, so I decided to come up with the easiest way I could think to get my idea down on paper.  After about a million (okay, ten) tries, a lot of research and countless lessons learned I have figured out my go-to bloomer “pattern”.

I say pattern like that because it isn’t actually a pattern.  It’s more of a series of measurements.  Which to me, is easier.  I hate printing out paper, applying it to fabric, all the while giving myself dozens of unwanted piercings as I juggle the fabric/paper mix and try to keep it in one piece.

I promise you, with this pattern you hardly use any needles.


WHAT YOU NEED: two 20″ by 15″ pieces of fabric, 1″ elastic, 1/2″ elastic, and matching thread.

The elastic you buy in the packs will make about three pairs, so it’s easier (and cheaper) to make more than one pair at a time.


Like I mentioned earlier, instead of a pattern or something to print out and attach to the fabric, I created measurements for the fabric.  These are sized for my chunky monkey 15 month old who is wearing 18-24 months, and they are a little big on her.  I recommend pulling the elastic around your little ones waist and upper thigh first to make sure that the sizes below will work for them.

The fabric can be taken down an inch on the top and an inch on the sides to accommodate a smaller fit, just make sure that if you take an inch off one side that you do the other so that they remain the same on both sides.

If taking the sides in, cut them before making the diagonal cut that stretches midway down the side to the bottom.  The sides of the outside piece of fabric and the sides of the inside piece of fabric need to remain the same length so they can be easily sewed together.

Try not to alter the sizes of the bottom.

Here are the measurements:

Cut the fabric so that the right side of the fabric is facing inward toward each other like the picture above.

After the fabric is cut to the above dimensions get your thread ready and prepare to sew.

Sew along both sides of the bloomers and then sew the 5 inches along the bottom middle of the two pieces together.  Three sections total.  It should look like the picture below.

All that’s left is to sew in the elastic.  Get three pieces of elastic ready:  a 16 inch piece of the 1″ elastic and two 10 inch pieces of the 1/2″ elastic.

Keep the bloomers inside out with the wrong side of the fabric facing outward.

Place the thicker elastic along the top of the bloomer and fold the fabric over it to get an idea of how large a space you will need for the elastic band to fit in (about 1 1/2 in).  Sew along the edge of the folded fabric checking with a ruler every couple of inches that the band is remaining the same size all around.  Make sure to keep a small opening remaining to insert the elastic.

You can always use pins to keep the fabric consistent all around as well.

Using a safety-pin attached to one side of the elastic, feed it through the opening and all the way around the band of the bloomers.  Sew both sides together once it is all the way through.  Make sure the elastic is NOT twisted.

Sew up your small opening.

The band is done!

Get ready to repeat those same steps along the leg holes.  I would definitely pin the fabric in place where you want to sew with these because I have found that the leg holes have been a bit trickier.

Remember, the bunching of the fabric allows you some room for imperfections because you really won’t see them.  So don’t stress too much about “perfection”.

Thread the elastic through the same way as the band and close up your small opening.

Finish both sides and you are all done!!

If you have any questions, just let me know!