My first tapestry.

loom96For so long I have been drooling over beautiful tapestries that I keep seeing and even started searching for one for the house. They are so gorgeous and intricate that I was convinced I couldn’t make one for myself. Normally I am all about taking on a project but this one looked pretty intimidating. So I kept looking online to buy one instead. Unfortunately for the size I wanted for the particular spot I had already picked out, I just couldn’t swing the price. They were upwards of 100 dollars. After completing one I can understand why, and it isn’t because it was difficult. If anything it was so simple I was shocked. But they can be time-consuming depending on the size.

Now if you are a knitter like me you will love this project even more because you can use ALL that spare yarn that you have leftover from other projects. The tiny wound up balls that are too small for most projects but you just can’t imagine throwing away. Bonus, your saving even more money by not buying any more yarn! I only had to buy two things for this tapestry. I bought a one pound roll of some off white yarn and a roll of crochet thread. Everything else I had lying around, even the stuff to make the loom itself!loom204loom203 loom202loom48

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