Cardboard dino exhibit.


When we ended up with some huge left over boxes from our patio furniture earlier this summer I knew that we had to make something out of it.  We ended up with a pretty cool cardboard home to play around it and everyone who saw it seemed to really like it, maybe even more than Jax.

Since we recently ended up with another set of huge boxes it was only a matter of WHAT to make this time.  There were a lot of ideas and a little debate, but in the end Jax was all for one of the ideas, and yes, it’s a cage.  When you’re a growling, munching, T-rex walking kinda kid, that’s really the main thing you need.  A place to play pretend in and be who you are, or what you want to be.

It ended up going over way better than the house did (which was pretty anticlimactic for the one who poured her love into it), but it all evens out because this time he couldn’t get enough of it.  I guess it really does pay to know your audience.

This time around I wanted to show everyone how I made it and mostly how simple it really was.  I will say that this one took a bit longer to do than the house did just because of the amount of painting, and even though it look like it turns from night to day, I swear that is only because we got way to close to bedtime and I ended up painting the next morning.  All in all, I would say it took a little under two and half hours to finish the whole thing.  Which may seem like a lot of time, but we had fun while doing it and even more fun playing in it.