Lace trimmed receiving blanket and headband.

plaidblanket_turban25This has been a long couple of weeks. We have had TWO colds, hand foot mouth, and all of Jax’s canines are trying to break through at the same time. To say the least what small routine we did have before all of this has been completely thrown off course.

Jax had such trouble sleeping at night between the stuffy noses and itchy rashes that he would wake up in the middle of the night and just want to eat cottage cheese, drink juice, and watch his favorite shows downstairs in the living room. Impossible for us to deny when he wouldn’t eat or hardly drink for days because of the mouth sores he had. But now that he is feeling better that habit is proving really hard to break. We have only had a couple of decent night sleeps in the last week and with me hitting the third trimester my body is definitely feeling every sleepless minute of it. Not to mention I am pretty sure the lack of sleep is making me lose it mentally. I’m totally forgetting things and even entire conversations and can barely keep my head on straight. Baby brain was already kicked in and this is just making me feel crazy.

Lately when Jax wants something, like going downstairs in the middle of the night, there is nothing he won’t do to get it. And no period of time he won’t cry, in the middle of the night… He has the strongest will I have ever seen in a person and at times it seriously feels like he is breaking mine. But, with the last cold on its way out and me having mostly stood my ground, despite the difficulty and feelings of guilt, we are finally getting back to our old or new normal. He is still in our room right now while I finish painting his so sleeping is still going to be tough until I can move him. But for the most part he is actually SLEEPING throughout the night now instead of poking me in the face with his little finger trying to wake me up and take him downstairs or trying to force me to turn over so he can sleep on my chest. Even our measly 1 hour naps have stretched into nice long 3 hour ones this week! Giving this momma a little time to actually clean the house and to work on some projects that I have been wanting to accomplish.

Since there hasn’t been much extra time to get things ready for Lulou’s arrival I am just now slowly getting around to making a few special things I have been wanting. This lace trimmed receiving blanket and headband are a couple of those things. The one thing I didn’t have leftover from when Jax was a baby was receiving blankets. I flew through them and hardly had any left that were in any condition to save. So it’s a good thing they are super easy to make, even ones that seem more complex.plaidblanket_turban23 plaidblanket_turban22plaidblanket_turban26 Continue reading