This years snowboarding trip

This year we slammed a snowboarding trip in right after Christmas, which for the record, is how I like to do it.  The whole holiday just seems to carry on forever, along with the all those happy feelings that go with it.  Justin was off for almost two weeks straight and the break from reality is exactly what this family needed to get us back into a solid swing for twenty eighteen.

There are so many resolutions and so much motivation is floating in the air over here since we have been home.  Now all I need to do is continue to channel it throughout the WHOLE year… I’m definitely not implying that I am one to start strong and then fizzle out after a month. I am definitely, definitely not saying that.  No, normally I make it about two months, haha.  Kidding (kinda)!  I am actually pretty good about using the new year to make strides in the right direction.  It’s just that normally my resolutions are thinks like “wash your face everyday” or “make a little more time for yourself”.   But this year my resolutions consume my whole life.  Big changes and big growth.  Not any one little thing in particular, just a new general look on life.  More happiness and less stress.  Although I am not looking at it as simply  stated as that.  Growth takes change.  So, change is what I am going for.

My resolutions start within the home and are moving outward, hopefully with enough steam to touch on the blog and get me more focused on writing and creating more often and more consistently.  That is the goal at least.  But for now, here are some photos from our awesome, albeit freezing, trek to New York for our annual ski trip!

I can at least say with pride that I was able to board down three hills this year.  THREE!  that is two more than last year if your one to keep track.  Not all my fault, this year it was -12 and last year I was only 4 months post-op.  I am not sure which one was more of an inhibitor?

Snowboarding or not, it was a blast.  We mostly snuggled on the couch and played with the kiddos. Basically, it was perfect.