Bucket List: Fall 2018

I’ve been talking a lot, and even thinking more, about how to slow down and make the things I do more deliberate and memorable.  It’s something that seems like it should be so natural, and one moment I’ll think I got it figured out.  Then, the next moment, BOOM… life.  And not the “fun” memory making life.  I’m talking about the “so much laundry to do that no one has underwear to wear” and “cleaning the dishes as you need them” because you’re THAT behind kinda life.  Yea, the life that there is no escape from, not matter what we say to each other.  Because the dishes can definitely wait, but they can’t wait forever.

After spending a lot of time debating how to make the special moments in life more frequent I finally came up with an idea!  I have decided on a… dun dun dun…. BUCKET LIST!  I mean, I am already looking at thousand other to-do lists.  What’s one more full of all the things that I actually wanna do?  And if we can make a game out of all the fun things of the seasons, then what more could I really ask for?  The dishes will still be there, stacked up nice and tall, and I’ll still be hiding laundry in the spare closets, BUT this will be the list that gets me through allllll the other lists!  This is the list I can enjoy looking at.

So after much thinking, this is my fall time bucket list.  I am giving myself from September first until November 30th.  Once December hits I’ll be making a winter bucket list.  Yup, I am making it a thing.  So, if you have any ideas, PLEASE let me know!  I need ideas!

FALL Bucket List 2018:

1. Pick pumpkins

2. Carve pumpkins

3. Pick apples

4. Make homemade apple pie

5. Decorate the house for fall

6. Make s’mores over a bonfire

7. Sip on hot apple cider outside

8. Chop off my hair!

9. Eat MORE dinners outside

10. Go on a hayride

11. Get lost in a corn maze – pretty easy when we let the kids lead every year!

12. Focus more on cooking homemade

13. Take a hike through the woods while the leaves are changing colors

14. Snuggle up for a Halloween movie marathon

15. DIY some cloth and yarn pumpkins – I’ll post the DIY when I finish!

16. Knit a blanket

17. Open the windows and let the fresh fall air in!

18. Finish my table-scape before the holidays

19. Take more family walks before bedtime

20. Snuggle up by the bonfire

21. Get out the fluffy socks!

22. Visit our local art museum

23. Take a weekend get a way

24. Work on our Halloween costumes

25. Go to a pumpkin festival (or ten…)

26. Find a new staple dinner recipe

27. Go to the winery with the girls and sit outside in the vineyard

28. Do some canning

29. Paint gourds

30. Make a sunflower bouquet for the house

31. Decorate monster cupcakes or cookies

32. Pack up treat bags for Halloween

33. Get family photos

34. Color in fall photos

35. Move Lu to her big girl bed!

36. Go on a picnic

37. Finish Christmas shopping (yup, I hate shopping in December…)

38. Visit a craft show/flea market

39. Snuggle up with a cozy book

40. Have a family date night


Any Ideas?!

Lemme know so I can add to it!