My mad scientist and Franken-daddy.

halloween20We made a last minute game day decision to dress up Jax and cover Justin in green paint for trick or treat on Halloween Eve. And I am SO thankful that we did and that we forced ourselves out of our rut of snuggling with the baby and lounging on the couch catching up on our TV shows. The whole couple hours of effort was completely worth it just to see the panic on Justin face as he watched me wash my hands and NONE of the green paint came off. Him thinking he was going to be green for his meeting at work the next day and watching Jaxon return every piece of candy from his bag to anyone who handed him a piece made this Halloween perfect. At least this kid is always up for sharing and feeding people.

Good thing we did get out there because there was only about a 6 hour window of Jax feeling like himself before he really got sick that evening making it so there was no way we were leaving the house on Halloween (the original plan). Instead we decided to lay low and go back to our original snuggles, which was fine with me. We spent the night at my parents and got to relax and play all night having already got all the good parts of halloween out of our system. Everything turn out perfect, aside from my poor sick babe, and we still got to experience our first Halloween at the new house. This was actually the first holiday in our new neighborhood and we weren’t sure what it was going to be like. We got over 100 kids! Luckily I hoarded candy on top of candy for the last few weeks (mostly because I wanted the extra…) , earning me the name “the crazy candy lady” from my endearing hubby. It was more fun then I could have imagined. All the parents were even into it and everyone hung out outside like it was a neighborhood party. Something that I had never experienced with Halloween before. This is just one more reason we can add to the long list of reasons why we are so happy to have moved to a quiet street in a neighborhood opposed to building on acres of land on the outskirts of town like we originally wanted.

All in all, what I took from this was that next year means even more fun with even better costumes. I know my guinea pig (cough cough *husband*) will love this. His face said it all as he watched me put on his make up, latex, and fake flesh, something I have never done before and was openly confused about. It also didn’t help that our last minute decision to dress up didn’t leave me with a  lot of time to google a tutorial or even read the back of the bottles for that matter. It was as winged as physically possible. But hey, I think for a flat half hour of preperation these two look pretty damn good. Next year Luella and myself will be joining in the action I am already plotting our family costume, snacks, home decorations, trick or treat candy…halloween7halloween21halloween2halloween5halloween23halloween19halloween13halloween4