Our Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is a big day for us around this house. Not (only) because it’s Valentines day, but because eight years ago it was also the day we met, and exactly a year after that it was the day we first said “I love you”, and one year after that the day Justin proposed. To say the least, a lot has happened on this day. Making it a little more than “just” Valentines Day to us.

However this year it ended up falling on the same week Justin was installing our new hardwood floors… So we planned a special day in and tried to maneuver around the chaos that is our house. Which means tiptoeing around the floors trying to avoid rogue nails, keeping dust out of our food, and sitting at Jaxon’s miniature table for dinner together (The only piece of furniture not turned over or in another room).

It didn’t change us having a blast coloring all over our Valentines cards, making our own home-made heart-shaped pizza, and decorating heart-shaped cookies. Catching a theme? I am not sure what it is, but for some reason there is always something special about the memories you make sitting on a floor (or in our case a mini table) with nothing around you aside from your family and the essentials. And even though Justin could only peek in here and there (he owes us next year!) it still ended up being a great night. Jax ate his dinner in the form of pizza toppings and finger fed us frosting until we felt sick, and Lu pretty much slept through the whole thing only opening her eyes every once in a while to see what was going on. In other words, I would consider it a pretty successful Valentines Day.