DIY felt lights garland

Last Christmas I was on a bit of a felt kick.  I made a large felt wall hanging for the kids, along with felt characters to stick to it, flowers, headbands, and of course, this garland.  There is probably a lot more that I can’t even think of right now… mom life.  But I know I was definitely buying it by the yard!

I actually think this garland may be one of my favorite decor items this year.  We made a couple dozen strands last year and handed them out to each family at our christmas party.  They were a hit!  And it has been so much fun to see them up in our friends houses this year too.

Some of the strands of garland were colored light bulbs, while others were the classic white bulbs.  Both so fun in their own way, although I am ALL about the color.

I wanted to get a up a quick DIY this year since last year I was slacking a bit and totally forgot!  Or ran out of time, which ever you want to go with.

If you plan to make a lot of these bright strands then you may want to go my route and by your felt by the yard, but if you only want one strand then the small individual sheets should be perfect for you!  You can pick whatever colors fit your home, go classic white, or arrange the colors from the rainbow.  The most fun about making it yourself is that you can pick whatever colors you like!

Along with the felt you will need a thick yarn to use as the strand or you can also use multiple strands of one (I tried both ways and was MUCH happier with the thick yarn.  See the difference below), some fluff for stuffing, a small piece of cardboard, and a hot glue gun.

Heres the difference in how you can do the yarn and an example of both types of lights.  The link for the gray yarn I used is right here.

First take your piece of card board and cut out a shape similar to a bulb.  My widest part of the bulb was 2 inches wide and the length was 3.5 inches.  This piece will be your stencil for all of your bulbs.  The base of the bulbs will be a single piece of felt 1.5 inches by 3 inches.

Cut out all of your bulbs (two sides per bulb) and cut out all of the bases.  Gray for the colored bulbs and green for the white.  I have ten bulbs on each strand about 6 inches apart, making each strand 6 feet long.  That includes the 6 inches of space on the outside of both end bulbs.

Once they are all cut out grab both sides of each bulb and glue them together along the outside, leaving only the very top open.  Use that opening to stuff the bulb with a little bit of fluff.

Grab your base and glue one side down first along the top of the bulb.  Once that is dry run a line of glue along both sides starting a little less than half way down the felt and then along the other top side of the bulb.  This will leave the top folded part open for your yarn to go through once you fold it over and glue it together.

Then string your lights! You’re all done!

And if you are interested in the larger version I have shared over on the gram, then here are those dimensions!