Top TEN favorite Christmas gifts this year.

Originally my game plan was to come up with my “top 5” favorite kids gift for this year, but I just couldn’t stop at 5!  And then “top 8” or “top 5 plus 2 bonus gifts” just sounded like super weird titles.  I decided it was better to just round-up all of my favs and share them all here.

Right now, I am over here doing my happy dance.  Every year I say “I am going to finish christmas shopping before December even starts”, and this year I ACTUALLY did it.  I swear, cross my heart, I really am.  DONE!  Finished.  Finito!  I even tried to one up myself  and have everything wrapped before the start of December, but that was pushing it.

I have so much fun shopping and picking out the perfect gifts for everyone in my life, but truth be told, It’s equally as unfun to be stressing out about finding that perfect gift two days before Christmas eve while your bumper to bumper in a packed parking lot with everyone else who couldn’t make up their mind on a gift.  December is about cuddles, hot chocolate, and twinkle lights, NOT anxiety attacks.

Best part about being done?  I can share my favorite gifts that I picked out for the kids in my life and the brands I love that are behind them with you.  We definitely have a lot of the usual toys and current obsessions, for us right now it’s Little People toys all around, but right now I am going to be sharing the gift ideas you won’t find walking down the aisles of Toy’s r Us.  The hidden gems, in my opinion.

1. Kid O – mix and match animals

Anything animals is a no brainer in our house.  Figurines are the go to gift for the two of them and these animals are nothing shy of perfect in their beautiful simplicity.  They actually remind me of the old Tupperware mix and match animals that I once got to take home after joining my mom at one of her friends parties.  Simple, creative, and imaginative.

2. Meow ball pits

I found this strolling around on Etsy and the only thing that stopped me from purchasing it that very second was trying to figure out what color combination I wanted for the balls.  It probably took me way too long to decide.  Justin had a real good laugh at my back and forth (he doesn’t get my color obsession… pshhh), but luckily, my indecisiveness paid off.  I ended up finding the perfect color combo (dark green, light green, yellow, and beige.  It may sound weird, but I promise, it looks great).  Whats so perfect about this foam pit is that even if there are no balls in it, you could add some pillows or stuffys and snuggle in for a cozy place to read or nap.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it even gets used as a fort in this house.  I can only imagine how these two will put it to use and I can’t wait to find out.

3. Hape – crane

I love Hape’s wooden toys and how simply adorable they are.  There the kind of toys I don’t mind having displayed in the living room.  It also helps that Amazon loves putting them on sale for seriously great deals.  Usually after I have already purchased them, of course.  Not like that happened to me a total of three times this year or anything…

After I got over the blow of having paid full price and seeing them 40% off, I did however, decided to snag up the dump truck to go with this two and half foot tall wooden crane for around 15 dollars.  So I am trying to write it off as a win.

4. Antsy Pants – build and play

This was my first present purchased this holiday season.  I stumbled on it browsing through the target aisles minus the kiddos and basically feeling like I was on vacation.  Which was probably why it was so easy to buy…

We already knew we wanted to get a fort like play area this year, but we were thinking this one from Ikea because of its prettier price tag.  What changed our mind is the future holidays.  With the large set of construction pieces we can build anything that they have to offer, so every holiday that I need a gift with a big impact to walk in on, I can just buy a new cover and build something new for the kids.  Bonus, they can collect them and eventually use the pieces themselves to build whatever works for the games they are playing at the time.

5. Fat Brain – Squigs

Oh squids.  How I love you.  The simple and perfect thing that can keep your baby distracted.  I initially bought these for my older son and realized that they (the larger pieces of course) are great for babies too.  These little suctions can stick on to almost all flat surfaces. So while my Jax babe uses them to build off windows and make 3D sculptures, I can stick them to Lu’s high chair or stroller for an easy distraction, and when she finally rips them off?  Well, the large ones make great teethers.

6. Geo Safari – Kidnoculars

It will never seize to amaze me how the simplest of toys can end up being a child’s favorite.  Not to mention, the most fun to watch them play with.  Jaxon takes his “noculars” everywhere and thinks it is pretty much the coolest thing ever that he can check people out a little more close up (x2 to be exact).  This year I went ahead and got more for the others kids in my life to enjoy.

7. Little Adventure Dress Up – costumes

I started working with this company on Instagram earlier this year and absolutely fell in love with their stuff.  They have the comfiest, easiest, no-fuss costumes for kids made out of great prints and lots of vibrancy.  Jaxon has a couple different items from them including the dragon cloak, knights cape, and little market chair cover, all of which he plays with on the reg.  I also picked up a few more this year as gifts for my nephews and Jaxon’s friends.  We always get something for the kids that come to our Christmas party and we thought it would be so much fun for all the kids to have a costume to open and play with together as a group!

8. Nugget Comfort – nugget

We JUST got one of these.  Not for Christmas…. I know, I know.  Presents before Christmas!?!  What am I thinking?!  In my defense, I have been looking for a “foamnasium” type thing for our bonus room for years now.  Between the weird color schemes and the crazy price tag I have been holding off.  Then I saw this brand in a picture and I knew it was the perfect fit that I had been looking for.  The price is nearly the same as the other sets I was looking at but the design is far superior.  The colors and clean look are made to work in ANY room and also still be as attractive.  Between a double use as a super comfy bed during sleep overs, a slide fit for any goofy baby in your life, and a mixture of great pieces for fort building, these nuggets are perfect for all kids.

9. Hape – kitchen

My big gift for the kids this year and another one of the gifts that went on sale RIGHT AFTER I purchased it…  mmm hmmmm, ya.  But, I’m not mad.  well, a little.  Either way, it was a good purchase.  With the imaginative play in this house reaching an all time high and Luella young enough to not realize that her Christmas money was spent on something for (*gasp) BOTH kids, I just couldn’t pass it up.  Next year it may not be as easy to pull something like this off and I know that these high quality pieces will last a very long time.  My only bummer is that the fully working ice-cube dispenser on the fridge has to stay disabled for the time being due to highly choke-able sized ice cubes and a daughter who has put some questionable things in her mouth in the past.

Side note- I also put together the fridge (myself) in next to no time and I am not very handy.

10.  Plan Toys – vet case

If your kids love animals the way that mine do then there is nothing better.  We all know by now that I am a lover of all toys wooden and made well.  I think the design of a wooden toy just tends to be more appealing and I know that if I step on it Christmas morning they aren’t gonna snap in half (hopefully… ).  This little vet case is no different.  It is absolutely adorable and fully equip with stethoscope, medicine, and working syringe.  Basically the perfect gift for working on your stuffys doc Dmcstuffin style and making sure everyone in the family is good to go!


Hope you guys fall in love with these beauties the way that our family has!  Happy Holidays everyone!!!