First masterpiece.

Jaxon'sFirstPainting8Art is a huge part of my life. I love looking at design and creating it, and I have always looked forward to putting my children first drawings on the fridge, walls, cabinets, etc. Pretty much everywhere. So after seeing so many pictures of people everywhere doing these finger paintings with their kids I knew I had to do it too. I planned everything out, got some cool colors, and set everything up on the eve of his birthday. This way we were as close as possible to exactly one year without doing it on his birthday. We had plans for book shopping that day after all!

I bought three canvas’ because I figured we could keep the large one for ourselves and then give one of the two smaller ones to each of the doting grandparents. Justin and I both changed into grunge clothes (thank god) and striped the little one down to his dipe. Justin had one job and that was to simply “make sure he doesn’t try to eat paint”. With as many things as this kid puts in his mouth I thought for sure this was going in there too. But no. He never even tried to eat it. In fact he wasn’t impressed with the idea all together. At the beginning he gave a couple weary swipes across the canvas, and we had about one minute of enjoyment as he made a mess. Then it was over.

After that one minute it was all down hill. I am not sure if he didn’t like being covered in paint, or if he just wasn’t in the mood for the whole charade. He insisted on being picked up. Again thank goodness for the grunge clothes, because then we were both covered. I eventually calmed him down and tried another approach. Sitting with him and painting. I even tried drawing little circles on his legs with blue paint to try to get him into the spirit. But every time he caught a glimpse of the canvas and paint he got worked up. Once completely calmed (and dry) I let him wander around to see if maybe he would come back to it on his own. No. He did everything possible to not go near that section of the living room. Climbing over dog beds, and crouching under chairs, just to get where he wanted to go without looking at the paint. Haha.

So after sitting in the living room covered in paint looking at the mess we had created for awhile, we decided to throw in the towel. I suppose we won’t be enrolling in art class anytime soon…. But! I have his first (and possibly last) masterpiece! And it really is beautiful, equip with little hand prints and everything.Jaxon'sFirstPainting1Jaxon'sFirstPainting3Jaxon'sFirstPainting7Jaxon'sFirstPainting10Jaxon'sFirstPainting12Jaxon'sFirstPainting14And the finished pieces….. Jaxon'sFirstPainting2The only thing I would have done differently is paid more attention to the colors I put next to each other. While I love green, I think I could have positioned those colors differently. :0