DIY flower costume

When I asked Lu what she wanted to be for Halloween, she screamed “A FLOWER!”.  I have no idea where the idea came from, but that was months ago and she has never wavered.  Every time since then that I have asked her she has said the same thing, a pretty pink flower.  Which was pretty exciting for me because… well I mean, how much fun is it to make a flower?!  There is just something whimsical about a simple, hand made costume.

I started making this one awhile ago and worked on it here and there over the last month.  With little baby Rosalee coming in to the picture our time has been a little more split up.  We have spent a little more time loving up on each other and a little less time creating.  Either way, this was a super quick costume to put together and the only things I bought were felt and some green pajamas.  If you guys follow along with our Instagram and Halloween costumes, you know that I love using pajamas for costumes because I can continue to get use out of them all year long.  These pajamas were from Amazon and they are insanely soft!

I decided to sew most of the felt pieces together but you can always use hot glue for all the places that I sewed.  Either will work.  I doubted the hot glue but after using it on a sample, the glued felt help up just as well as the sewed pieces.

When picking out the felt, you need soft and stiff felt.  The soft felt is for the bands around the wrists, ankles and face.  The stiff felt is for the leaves and flower petals.  It helps them to stick out without being floppy.

Measure around your child’s ankles and wrists giving some length for the felt to fold over and velcro together.  My pieces were 7in x 4in for the wrists and 9in by 4in for the ankles.  Lu’s pretty petite but I did find out (when I made my head piece about an inch too short…) that if it’s a little too tight the felt will loosen up with a small stretch.

Cut your leaves and petals out of the stiffer felt and make a range of sizes.  I put one large leaf and one little leaf on each band.  My larger leaves averaged out around 9in x 5in.

Cut the leaf “detailing” out of the black felt and glue it on top.

Fold the bottom part of the leaf together with the detailing on the inside and sew or glue it together almost an inch from the bottom.

Take the two bands for the wrists and fold them in half lengthwise.  Find the middle and cut a small slit vertically up the short side of the felt (like the picture below).

Stick the bottom of your large leaf in and sew or glue it to the felt.  Add your smaller leaf into the hole and sew or glue it down.

Lay the felt band opened up on the table with the leaf side up.  In the upper right corner attach one side of the velcro, and in the bottom left corner, attach the other piece of the velcro.

Fold the band in half and sew/glue along the three open sides.

That finishes up the wrist bands!

Measure the ankle bands the same way you did the wrists, giving a little room for overlap to accommodate the velcro.

For the ankle bands you will do almost the exact same thing with only one small change.  When cutting the slit in the felt for the leaf, cut it horizontally (going along the length of the long side) opposed to vertically like on the wrists.

To add some small buds to your little leafs, cut a long semi circle (oval?) out of the pink felt.

Roll it up and glue it together.

Glue it to the inside of your small leaf.

Measure the head piece the same as the wrist and ankle bands.  I actually measured mine too short but was able to stretch it out to make it fit perfectly. It took me sewing two long pieces together to make an even longer one.

Make sure to still keep the width of the felt 4in’s long (same as the bands).

Fold the felt in half and measure and mark every 1in to 1.5in all the way down it.  Cut a vertical slit (like the wrist bands) on each mark.

I cut my petals the same length as the leaves, but a little thinner.  They were all around 9in x 4in.  You can take a lighter pink and add some detailing to the inside of the petal by cutting out the shape of a smaller petal or any shape you like and gluing them inside at the bottom.

Fold the bottom part of each petal in half and sew or glue it together with detailing on the inside.

Just like the bands, add one petal into each small slit and sew/glue it to the felt.

Add velcro the same way as the bands, and then fold the band together and sew/glue along the three open sides to close it up.  I doubled up on the velcro for the head piece to make sure it wasn’t going to go anywhere while she wears it out trick or treating.

That finishes it all up!!  Now it’s time to try it on and see how everything fits!

I also dotted Lu’s face with some face paint so that it looked like the inside of a flower!

Justin says it could use a middle band that goes around her waist… but that ship has sailed and I am on to the next costume.  Maybe next time, haha.