Banana, yogurt, and chocolate popsicles!

BYCpopcycles3Jax is my first son and maybe it is because of that, but it feels like there is no end in sight to teething. And It makes me feel horrible that this seems like the case. This week at the doctors I saw THREE little sore spots trying to pop their way through his mouth all at the same time. It’s those days that I look back on the rough night we had before and think to myself, so that is what all the fuss was about.

So after seeing the problem causers, I decided to take some advice from my best friend. She was over earlier in the week with her own little one and saw the millions of bananas we had sitting on the counter. All of which were too green to serve at Jax’s birthday party but are ripening too fast to eat now. she mentioned seeing something online about freezing bananas and chocolate chips together to make a little snack that would feel good on the gums.

It may sound horrible but it reminded me of an all natural frozen dog treat I used to make. But remembering making them, and trying them…. I remembered they were pretty damn good. So I threw in some yogurt that we also had extra from the party and pureed that and the bananas until they were nearly liquid. I melted the chocolate and swirled it in, because chocolate makes everything better, and because it gave it a cool look. I filled my little IKEA popsicle makers, (which worked out perfectly because my husband was just pointing out how I have never used them since I bought them over a year ago and it’s always a good day when I get to prove that I totally NEEDED something just for this very occasion) and after a couple of hours they were frozen. Jax LOVED them.

I made a huge batch because I had a ton of leftovers but to just fill up 6 popsicle you would only need: 2 bananas, 1/2 a thing of yogurt (plain or fruity, I used a fruit one and it made it a little sweeter and more flavorful), then melt 1tbsp and stir in a few times. Just enough to spread it out but not to mix it in. Enjoy!BYCpopcycles1BYCpopcycles2BYCpopcycles4