Watercolor GIVEAWAY!

Throughout my Instagram journey I have been lucky enough to meet so many amazing people.  Brilliant mothers, talented artists, women who seem to balance it all.  I am thrilled to be partnering up with one of those said women right now to be doing a watercolor giveaway.  Nanni, the mother behind these beautiful watercolors lives in Hungary and picked up painting as hobby.  Now she is using that hobby to build a dream that her and her family have had for a long time.

If you follow her (which you absolutely should!), you would see that she does everything by hand and from SCRATCH.  Down to her daily bread that her and her family eat, which by the way looks way better than any bread I have ever seen.  So it is no surprise that she is skilled with her hands, but her skills run deeper then cooking and her paintings prove that.   When I first came across her page the first painting that instantly caught my eye was the giraffe pictured above and I fell in love!  I knew I needed that piece and more!  Aside from the two in my mudroom I wanted one for each of the kids rooms.  If you follow us, you know my son is obsessed with elephants, so I of course had to see if she had one in her Etsy store.  Unfortunately at the time she didn’t, but after talking back and forth with this awesome mom she customized a beautiful one for me.  All so that my son would have his favorite animal to hang in his room.  She is such a caring person helping others with their dreams as she tries to make hers come true.

When you buy one of her paintings you aren’t just getting something beautiful for your home, you are also helping her to work for her families dream home.  The money from every painting she sells goes towards buying their future farmhouse.  They even have an ongoing count down of how many more sales they need to reach their goal.  You can see how close they are by checking her Etsy account, or her Instagram account and to read more about her adorable family and their dream visit www.ourfuturefarmhouse.com.  To me, there is nothing better than a purchase with a story, and she has a great one.  Purchasing a piece of her art goes into a fund to purchase the home they will one day live in!

Right now we are doing a giveaway for a watercolor of your choice off of her Etsy account.    Follow me – to keep up with the winner, and follow her – to see more gorgeous work and to watch the process that goes into it!  Tag a friend or friends who may also love these watercolors and her story for an entry!  I’ll post the winner on my Instagram account after the giveaway closes.  And if you don’t win, check out her site, you won’t find a better price for such beautiful art, or from a more wonderful, hard-working mom.  In the end, that’s what it’s all about, supporting each other and helping one another reach our goals.