A Christmas banner to set the tone this year


A few weekends ago my mom and I were walking around a few little shops in Lakeside, Ohio.  Their season was over, everything was discounted and there was a million adorable things.  I’m kinda in the middle of a wool and garland obsession (along with the rest of the world, I know) so this garland spoke to my soul!

I have been thinking of doing the whole “colorful Christmas” thing for a while.  Normally I keep it pretty red and green and true to the decor I’ve been using for the last decade, but for a couple of years now I have been toying with the idea of spicing it up.  I’m thinking bright, colorful, and kinda an elf – toyshop – sugar cookie – WhoLand kinda vibe.  All the color and ALL the fun.  It fits in WAY better with our already colorful lives, and I think it could be more fun for the kids.

I have to admit that I do fear losing the same “feeling” that all that red and green and pine give me.  Will it still feel like the warm and cozy Christmas that I long for every year?

Well, I am going to have to find out the hard way, cause I’m doing it.  Head first and without another thought.  This year is the year.  It is happening.  I’ll keep ya posted on whether it destroys the christmas vibe, haha.

If I end up needing something to blame, it’ll be this wool banner.  My big find from those little shops, and the only Christmas decoration I insisted on putting up RIGHT AWAY.  This is my inso piece for the look and feeling I want all of my decor to eventually have and this year I am going for it!  And I know I’m not alone, SO many people asked me about this banner when I posted it to my Insta, so I am going to link this gem here!

Shop this garland from the Creative Co-op here!