Our DockATot: not just a bed.

Some days it’s a boat, on others it’s a reading nook, and every once in a while we use it for what it was intended, sleep.

The second I opened unboxed our DockATot and set it up in the living room Lu dragged all her dollies into it to cuddle with and claimed it as her own.  Which was totally fine with Jax because he had taken it upon himself to turn the box it came in into his very own personal river that flowed through the living room and could only be crossed by stepping carefully on perfectly placed pillows.

Eventually they both started sharing with one another and the two of them ended up cuddled up together reading books and watching movies for the rest of the day.  For these two it has felt like their own little oasis and cozy spot created for no one else but them.

And all of that was just a bonus.  When I first talked about trying out a \ I expected to just leave it in our room on our bed to be used in the evenings and during nap time.  I didn’t even think about everything else these kiddos would use it for or how versatile it could end up being.  I just knew that I wanted to start sleeping again.

Struggle with sleep in this house is nothing new.  Jax has never been a fan and Lu who is normally my nap all day and sleep all night babe is showing signs of heading in the same direction.  Now, I am ALL for our family bed and would choose all of us snuggled up under the same blanket over pretty much anything else.  But, some of the nights are getting very long, and my length of sleep during them is getting shorter and shorter.  Having something that can offer an alternative method of sleep every once in a while has been a dream (pun intended).  The DockATot has given her the feeling of being next to someone without actually being next to someone.  It holds her nice and close just like if she was snuggled up with me while also keeping her from rolling around the bed or, you know, kicking me in the face…

I think ultimately what has me most excited is using this portable little nook for travel.  We are always going and going, especially in the summer time.  Between vacations, camping, or just one night sleep-overs, one of my biggest worries has been a COMFORTABLE place for the kids to sleep.  When you put everything on the table, my favorite thing about our DockATot is how I can take it by the handle and put it anywhere I need it.  Even on the ground to have an instantly comfortable place for Lu to sleep, or even Jax, really.  We tried out the grand version and it’s big enough for him to snooze in too.  The bottom is padded with just enough to be soft but sturdy and the bumpers around it keep them feeling snuggled, warm, and from rolling anywhere.

We leave for the beach in a month and are planning all kinds of adventures for the rest of the summer.  Having found this is taking a huge weight off of my shoulders.  I am so excited to see it on the beach under a big umbrella with the ocean breeze coming through.  I have a feeling there will be a LOT of snuggly naps taken and cuddles to be had in there.

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