5 ways we are getting back to school ready with Tuesday Morning!

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This will be our first year with a little one in school!  I’m not sure whether to get excited for (hopefully) more time to clean around the house and plan activities, or completely break down and mourn the fact that he won’t be with ME every second of the day anymore.  Maybe, both?

No matter how I feel about the whole situation, one thing stays the same.  We have to get ready!!  To be honest, I am just going with the flow and my gut.  Trying to figure out what will work for us and what will help Jaxon transition easily into this next season of life.  With the help of Tuesday Morning I have been able to sit down and really think about everything I may need to make this possible.

First off, have you ever been in a Tuesday Morning?  I never really had been until these last couple of weeks.  Sure, I’ve seen them all over the place and heard about them, but I myself had never walked into one.  Big mistake.  I couldn’t believe how much they had!  Or how great the prices were!  From home decor, to pots and pans, to amazing bedding and bath towels.  Do you see that glass magnetic dry erase board in the picture above?  TEN DOLLARS.  If you have ever looked into them than you know that is a great price.

With only ten days to go until the first day of school I have been trying to find the best ways to easily transition Jaxon and the whole family into this new life routine.  It hasn’t been easy, and I am sure it will be even more difficult to constantly enforce, but habits take time and I think these are ones that could really ease us into the school year and maybe even stay with us after.  We started implementing them already to get a bit of a head start and so far I am already feeling a little bit more organized.

Here are our 5 ways that we are building a back to school routine!

1. Setting up a fun and functional area to do school work

While I doubt we are going to get a lot of “school work” at preschool, I still think it’s important to build a place were he can focus on whatever his passions may be (and maybe even do a little school work).  Right now Jaxon is really into drawing, coloring, and learning his letters, so setting him up his own little area was pretty easy.  I found tons of different pencils, colored pencils, sketchbooks, even a cutting board (mostly used to protect the table from unwanted marker marks) and banners from Tuesday Morning to decorate and make this space special and more learning oriented.  It’s a space that we work hard at always keeping organized and one that he can sit at in his own room for quiet and learning, or shared creativity with siblings or friends.

That red banner was a pack that came with all kinds of letters so that you could write your own message and hang it up, but I just kept it simple and did the alphabet!


2. Making the “in the door/out the door” as easy as possible

If you’re a mom and haven’t had to scream “PLEASE PUT YOUR SHOES ON” over and over again, then pleassssee, teach me your ways, I beg you!  Most days I can get us out the door pretty efficiently, but then there’s the days like yesterday… Where Jax “Spiderman” kicked a whole box of puzzle pieces across the kitchen and “didn’t hear me” the gazillion times I asked him to put his shoes on.

One way we have been curbing that lately is by making the in and out simple for the kids to do themselves.  This way I can start asking them to get ready to go while I am still prepping for the departure myself.  We picked up a couple baskets from Tuesday Morning, one large one for the kids shoes and one smaller one for little things like school name badges, sunglasses, or a special car toy.  They are able to easily access their shoes from the basket to put them on and can put them back in the basket when they get home.  They can also set their book bag on the bench right by the shoe basket and put any small belongings in the little basket.

It was important to us that we made sure all this was set up and happened within a few feet of the door, before they even entered the rest of the house and were able to get distracted.  So far, it’s been working out great for me and for them.  I am loving that it cuts a couple things off my to do list and the kids are feeling proud doing it on their own.


3. Finding a daily chore to build routine and responsibility

This seems like something that may not be necessary, but let me tell you as someone who has recently started implementing chores, it has been a game changer.  We gave the kids the task of setting the dinner table each night and wiping it down after.  They surprisingly love doing it.  Not only has it made dinner time important to all of us, the two of them truly enjoy taking everything to the table and picking were each person is going to sit (it’s different every night, haha).  Jaxon has even started creating name cards for each place setting so we know where to go!

It’s so wonderful making dinner time a priority and setting aside that time to solely be with one another.  It has also been helping us to build a routine that has a smooth transition.  We get home, we enjoy some play and down time, then it’s dinner followed right by bath!

Are these rattan plate chargers from Tuesday Morning not absolutely perfect?  They are the perfect place setting for kids to handle because along with being beautiful, they are also NOT breakable!


4. Prioritizing bath time as a calm down time for bed

To say we needed new towels would be an understatement.  How often are those supposed to be replaced anyway?  If you tell me ten years then I would be right on schedule…

We picked up the softest ones we could find from Tuesday Morning (only ten dollars a piece!) and they are so comfy and snuggly.  These two have been really into washing and drying themselves, so having a new warm towel to curl into after bath was a real treat for them.

Bath time is all about that calm down period.  Using lavender scents and low lighting to transition into bed time.  We’ve also moved our vitamins next to our  toothbrushes so that the whole evening routine is a one stop shop.  While grabbing the towels I picked up some super cute flamingo embroidered wash clothes to set next to the toothbrushes for a warm face wash to cleanse before bed and after teeth brushing.


5. Snuggles, sweet words, and sleep

All those perfect “S” words and probably the most important step for us.  We are HUGE on laying with the kids for awhile and just snuggling and talking about our days one on one.  Sometimes things don’t come to light until your laying down with nothing else going on and you suddenly want to talk.  We talk about the good parts and the bad parts of our days, what we want to do the next day, and all the things we love about each other.

All of that on top of new snuggly blankets to melt into and these babes are sleeping in no time!  Plus, we get to go to bed knowing that we are ending the night on a high note full of love.  No matter how upset we are or the fights we’ve had throughout the rest of the day, THIS is our biggest priority.  Our ending to the day.


These 5 things have been helping us to build our back to school routine and hopefully an everyday routine even through out summer, and while I know there will be (plenty of) snags along the way, I truly feel we have a good foundation to get started with!  We can’t thank Tuesday Morning enough for helping us to get focused and start thinking about the things that would really help make our day to day easier while entering this next phase of life.  They got us school time ready for our first school year experience and I will be forever grateful.  That on top with finding a great shop with great prices and amazingly sweet employees, it’s been an experience I will never forget!

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