DIY unicorn horn headband.

Everywhere I look right now I see unicorns. Unicorn cakes, stuffed unicorns, anything and everything unicorn. With Lu being my little unicorn, and just as special and unique as they come, I had to jump on the bandwagon. I had to turn her into a little unicorn herself.

The time it took to make this DIY barely even put a dent in Jaxon’s nap time, which is not long. So if you’re in need of a quick little project to scratch that craft itch, this is it.

what you need: 6 inches of metallic fabric, a handful of fluff, about 12in of yarn or string, and 14in of .625in foldover elastic

Cut fabric into a 4in x 4in square and a 1.5in x 1.5in square. Find the middle along the top of the large square and cut down from it to each corner, making a triangle. Cut a circle out of the smaller square.

1. Sew the circle to the bottom of the triangle, with the metallic sides facing in towards each other. Leave a little extra fabric on both sides of the triangles bottom so that they can be sewn together next. *for a shorter horn, cut down the height of the fabric square to 4 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall. Then cut the triangle out of it.

2. Sew the sides of the triangle together, with the metallic sides facing in towards each other. Leave a small opening to add the fluff.

3. Flip the horn right side out.

4. Tie a knot on one end of the string. Using a needle, thread your string from the inside out going through the tip of the horn. Pull so the knot stops on the inside at the top of the horn.

5. Stuff horn with fluff and then close it up.

6. Take the string and wrap it tightly around the horn down to the base. Stitch the string once near the seam and tie a knot so that it won’t move. Cut the remaining string away.

7. Cut the elastic 14in long. Over lap the ends half an inch and sew them together.

8. Stitching by hand, sew the horn the to the elastic at the overlapped part.

All done! The horn could be left alone, or decorated with flowers around it. I think flowers would look really pretty, but I haven’t got to them…. yet.